5 Ways to Extend Summer with Photos

5 Ways to Extend Summer with Photos
August 22, 2015 PicMonkey

Summer lovers and lovers of summer, don’t get all bummed out because it’s almost over! You can revel in the sun-drenched glory of it all with photos even if you never went to the beach or propped your feet up on a patio lounger. Here’s our roundup of inspirational summer photo editing, to get your creative mojo flowing for a burst of glowing images.

Quote pics or it didn’t happen

Feel the mood of summer with quotes that make the moment.

What does summer mean to you? Find your most iconic photo (or grab one from a Creative Commons-licensed source like Flickr) and add a quote that clinches it. Post it to your fave social network and see who agrees with you.

Make it special-er with invitations

Summery invitations make gatherings more festive. Get the mood with gingham and balloons.

Sure, you can just call up a few pals and have ’em over for a little party or you can throw down the extra touches that make it a THANG. Like: hanging up that string of lights or actually getting together a groovy invitation.

Let the sun shine in(to your pics)

Use effects like Sunglow to add that extra warmth to summer photos.

You were there, but did the sun pull a no-show or a meh-show? Radiate more rays with Sunglow and Lens Flare effects. Pro tip: Before you apply the effect, play with the Size and Fade sliders to get it just right. We’ve never met a slider we didn’t like.

Suntan is as Suntan does

Let's be safe out there, friends! Spray Tan effect gives your pics the complexion that says "summer fun" without putting in the time in the blazing heat.

Were you in the sun a lot this summer? The skin damage: horrors! Were you super smart and shade-seeking? The sallow complexion: horrors! If you’re in the smart-but-sallow camp, Suntan effect is here to fake it ’til you make it to the pic that says: mmmm, yeah, I had myself some fu-u-u-n.

Pet accompli

Sheesh, dogs need sunglasses too! Throw 'em on in your next photo editing sesh even if you can't in real life.

What can you say to a pet that that watched you leave with a pool bag over your shoulder all summer? You can explain that the lifeguard had a crazy prejudice against fur-beasts that think bashing their paws vertically in water is swimming, or you can edit a photo. Show Bootsie a pic of her sporting the Sunglasses graphic and tell her that she spent all freakin’ summer at the beach and you owe her nothing. They never do the math.

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