5 Ways to Extend Summer with Photos

Summer lovers and lovers of summer, don’t get all bummed out because it’s almost over! You can revel in the sun-drenched glory of it all with photos even if you never went to the beach or propped your feet up on a patio lounger. Here’s our roundup of inspirational summer photo editing, to get your creative mojo flowing for a burst of glowing images.

Quote pics or it didn’t happen

What does summer mean to you? Find your most iconic photo (or grab one from a Creative Commons-licensed source like Flickr) and add a quote that clinches it. Post it to your fave social network and see who agrees with you.

Make it special-er with invitations

Sure, you can just call up a few pals and have ’em over for a little party or you can throw down the extra touches that make it a THANG. Like: hanging up that string of lights or actually getting together a groovy invitation.

Let the sun shine in(to your pics)

You were there, but did the sun pull a no-show or a meh-show? Radiate more rays with Sunglow and Lens Flare effects. Pro tip: Before you apply the effect, play with the Size and Fade sliders to get it just right. We’ve never met a slider we didn’t like.

Suntan is as Suntan does

Were you in the sun a lot this summer? The skin damage: horrors! Were you super smart and shade-seeking? The sallow complexion: horrors! If you’re in the smart-but-sallow camp, Suntan effect is here to fake it ’til you make it to the pic that says: mmmm, yeah, I had myself some fu-u-u-n.

Pet accompli

What can you say to a pet that that watched you leave with a pool bag over your shoulder all summer? You can explain that the lifeguard had a crazy prejudice against fur-beasts that think bashing their paws vertically in water is swimming, or you can edit a photo. Show Bootsie a pic of her sporting the Sunglasses graphic and tell her that she spent all freakin’ summer at the beach and you owe her nothing. They never do the math.

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