DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Our Collage tool is perfect for mass producing DIY Valentine’s Day cards for kids that can be handed out to the entire class. Here’s how to whip up a batch of your own:

  1. Create a blank canvas.

  2. Add a graphic and text.

  3. Save your creation to Hub or export it to your computer.

  4. Go to Collage and choose a layout.

  5. Add your saved image.

  6. Print, cut, and hand them out!

Sound too easy to be true? With PicMonkey, it really is that simple! Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how to help your kids create homemade valentines that will send them to the head of the class.

1. Create a blank canvas

Hover your mouse over Design on the PicMonkey homepage and select Blank canvas. Choose a size and color for your valentine.

Tip: You can also use our customizable Valentine’s Day templates if you don’t wanna start from a blank canvas! Make them any size you like with our Resize tool in the Basic Edits tab.

2. Add a graphic and text to your valentine design

Go to the Graphics tab where you’ll find some adorable kid-friendly images. We used some cuties from Whimsy. You’ll also find plenty of valentine-y graphics in our Sweethearts theme (in the Themes tab).

Then click the Text tab, choose a font, click Add text, and position the box where you want your text to appear. Now type away! You can create a different text box for your “To” and “From” lines, and make sure it’s all perfectly positioned with our alignment tools.

3. Save your creation

Click Save (formerly Add to Hub) to stash your creation in Hub, our integrated cloud storage feature. Give it a title. And now that you know how easy-peasy the card creation process is, make a few more (if you wanna).

4. Go to Collage and choose a layout

Go back to the homepage and click Collage. Click the Layouts tab and choose Square Deal. We’re going to work with the 4 x 4 option. Now change the dimensions of your layout to fit the 8 x 10 inch paper you’ll be printing on. In the bottom toolbar, click the lock icon to snap it open. Change the collage’s dimensions to 2400 x 3000 pixels (see our pixel to inches conversions chart, if you have a different print size in mind). Click the lock icon again to set your new dimensions. For a step-by-step look at how to use our collage tool, see our tutorial.

5. Add your saved valentine designs

Click the little caret next to the Add images button and choose the place where you stored your images. Select the image or images you’ve created.

Now drag the images into the cells.

You’ll notice that your images now look rectangular; it’ll change to squares when we add another row. To do that, just select an image from the image tray and drag it to the edge of an existing cell until you see a thin gray bar appear. Drop it in and voila, a new row is added and your images are square. Do that for all rows, unless of course you’d prefer rectangular cards.

6. Export, print, and cut

Once everything is up to snuff, click Export (formerly Save) in the top toolbar. You’ve got a beauteous sheet of DIY Valentine’s Day cards! Print, cut up, personalize, and delight every kiddo in the classroom.

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