Ad Design

Creating striking ads is imperative to your business. Instead of hiring an expensive designer, DIY beautiful and compelling ads with these ad design tips.

Ad design tips you need to know

1. Set yourself apart

Use stunning images and clever copy placement to visually stand out from the pack.

2. Solve problems

Show potential customers creative examples of how you’re gonna make their lives better.

3. Have a simple message

Write copy that’s easy to understand and remember by keeping things short, sweet, and punchy.

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How to make an ad design

  1. Open up templates from the PicMonkey homepage and click the “Ad” tag.

  2. Find a design that speaks to you and click Customize.

  3. Swap in your own text, logos, and pictures.

  4. Save your design with our integrated storage feature, so that you can use it again.

  5. Start spreading the word with your gorgeous new ad!

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