Create Your Own Advertisement: 5 Formats

Your business is awesome, right? It’s gonna make everybody’s lives better, easier, and more fun. It’s the bomb, and as soon as anyone sees it they’re immediately going to want it. Your word of mouth will be so good, you won’t even need marketing!

It’s a beautiful dream, but let’s be real for a second. While we both know that you have the baddest, most fabulous business in all the land, that doesn’t automatically translate into fabulous sales—cuz if the people don’t know about you, it’s sort of like you don’t exist. Don’t worry, though! We can walk you through creating your own advertising. And while it might not be as fun as renting a skywriter or throwing your own parade, it’s gonna be a whole lot cheaper and easier.

Learn about the different types of ads you can make in PicMonkey, and the platforms to share them on:

Make a stunning single image Facebook ad

Facebook Ads are 1200 x 628. Browse all Facebook Ad templates.

When people see your ads on social media, you want them to stop and click on them obviously. But because you’re competing with a million other images, your ad needs to stand out. One way to ensure that your ad looks pro is to size it right. You never want to publish an ad that has the wrong dimensions for the medium, so start your image design with a right-sized Facebook Ad template.

How to make a Facebook Ad in PicMonkey:

  1. Browse Facebook Ad templates and choose one to customize.

  2. Swap in your images for ours and apply edits and effects.

  3. Replace our text with yours and modify the font, size, color, etc if you like.

  4. Export directly to Facebook Ads Manager from PicMonkey.

Link your Facebook Ads account to share ad images directly from PicMonkey. Learn more at Make Rad Facebook Ads.

Here's a not-so-secret about Facebook carousel and slideshow ads: They're exactly the same size as Instagram posts. At 1080 x 1080 px you can use any of our Instagram post templates to create your multi-image ad, in addition to the Facebook Carousel Ad templates.

These types of ads are perfect for telling a visual story, showing off a number of items, or simply inviting people to engage by scrolling. Try slicing a panoramic photo into 1080 x 1080 px squares, or use a number of photos that have a similar aesthetic.

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Create arresting Instagram ads

Instagram and advertising are a match made in heaven because this highly-visual platform is ideal for showcasing a really gorgeous single image ad. You can create and post video, gif, or carousel ads on Instagram, too — all these ads are sized the same at 1080 x 1080 px.

Create your ad visuals in PicMonkey using an Instagram template, and then share it directly to Facebook Ads manager when you're finished. Facebook Ads Manager also, well, manages Instagram ads.

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Create online ads that display beautifully

You know all those little ads that seem to predict what you're thinking and then follow you around the internet? Like: how did you know I was thinking about refinancing my car loan and getting new hiking boots, Google?? OKAAAAY, I'll click. You can make these display ad visuals to fit all the nooks and crannies of webpages. Search for the template type in PicMonkey to see what templates we have already made in the right size, then modify to make it your own.

Make printable postcards & flyers

Customize this postcard template.

Sometimes you want to market IRL and we can help you make a personal impact with templates for posters, flyers, and postcards. Create your design in PicMonkey, download to your computer, and then print away.

Ready to dip your toes into making sweet, beautiful ads? Whether you’re looking to whip up printed posters, digital banner ads, or make ads on social media, PicMonkey has designer-created templates to help you get going. Browse through our selection ’til you find one that you like, then customize it so that it fulfills your vision.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.