How to Make an Etsy Banner (& Sizes!)

How to Make an Etsy Banner (& Sizes!)
March 6, 2019 PicMonkey

Hear ye, Etsy artisans, craft makers, and entrepreneurs! Check out this tutorial on how to create a customized Etsy shop banner from start to finish. Etsy shop banners come in a few sizes, but both show off your brand with an attention-grabbing image so you can customize your page and look like the creative professional that you are. In this tutorial we’re going to focus on the two most common banner sizes: Big (1200 x 300 pixels) and Mini (1200 x 160); both go at the top spot of your shop.

how to make an etsy banner

Quick steps for making an Etsy banner in PicMonkey 

  1. Go to, click Create New and choose Blank canvas.
  2. Select your Etsy banner size. For a Mini Banner, enter 1200 x 160 pixels. For a Big Banner, enter 1200 x 300.
  3. Click Make it!
  4. Customize the banner background with textures, a color, and/or pictures.
  5. Add your company name, brand name, logo — whatever you please!
  6. Personalize your banner with PicMonkey’s graphics and fonts.
  7. Click Export to export your banner to your computer.

What’s the difference? Etsy mini banner vs. Etsy big banner

While both of these banners live in the same spot at the top of your store, the big banner is nearly twice as high as the mini banner. Big banners take up more of your page’s real estate, so go big if you have a killer design that you really want to show off. Another feature of the big banner is you can use it as a product listing link, so it’s a fantastic way to show off your new goods in a prominent place.  A mini banner takes up less room, leaving more space for your products to do the talking. Both sizes will show up on mobile and on desktop.

Step-by-step tutorial

Use this in-depth guide to create a bodacious Etsy shop banner for your store. Choose the size of the image you wish to make from the table below. We’ll be creating the big banner size in this tutorial.

What are the different Etsy shop banner and cover photo sizes?

Etsy shop image types Dimensions Where’s it go?

Big banner

1200 x 300 pixels

Top of your shop

Mini banner

1200 x 160 pixels

Top of your shop

Order receipt banner

760 x 100 pixels

Top of your order receipts

Shop icon

500 x 500 pixels

Top left under the shop banner

Shop owner photo

400 x 400 pixels

Top right under the shop banner


1. Start with a blank canvas or photo

Head to and click Create New at the top of the page, then choose Blank canvas. Enter the dimensions of the banner that you are creating and the click Make it!

If you want to start with a photo as your background instead, start on the PicMonkey homepage, click Create New in the upper left corner and select your photo from where it’s stored. Convert your photo from a background to a layer using the Layers palette (the stack of squares icon on the bottom left) first. Go to Crop in the Basic Edits tab, enter the dimensions of your banner, and click Apply.

2. Customize your background

Creating an Etsy Shop Banner in PicMonkey


Wanna add a splash of color to your blank canvas? Select Background Color in the Edits tab (the three shapes on the left), choose your hue, and click Apply. (You can always change this later).

For simple backgrounds, adding a texture can make the design come to life. Textures are eye-poppingly gorgeous photos that span across images like a canvas. They’re used to add depth and, well, texture, to images. To try one out, click the Textures tab (the woven diamond icon on the left) and select a texture from the editing panel. Play with the texture using the Fade and Saturation sliders, and experiment with blend modes until it looks just the way you want it, then click Apply.

3. Add text to your Etsy banner

Make your own etsy big banner


Your Etsy banner is an opportunity to display your brand name and show off your unique style. To add text to your banner, first click the Text tab (the “Tt” icon on the left). Then click Add text at the top of the panel, and type directly into the text box that appears on your canvas. We have an alignment grid turned on to make sure our text lines up just right. If you want to do the same, click on Alignment (the window pane icon) in the bottom left of the editor.

To adjust the color or add text effects like a drop shadow or curved text, start by highlighting your words. The Text palette will appear, which is where you can make adjustments with the color picker, the Effects menu, the Letter Spacing slider, the Line Height slider and more.

4. Design with graphics

Create an Etsy Shop Banner in PicMonkey


Does your design need some extra oomph? Graphics are here to help! PicMonkey graphics are original designs that you can use to create a totally custom look. To add one to your pic or canvas, click the Graphics tab (the three shapes icon) and peruse our humongo selection of graphics. Once you find a graphic you like, click to add it to your banner.

If you want to use your own logo or photo in your design, you can add it as a graphic, too! Click Add your own image at the top of the panel, choose your image from where it’s stored and boom! Custom graphic added.

Finally, use the Graphics palette to adjust the color and style of any graphic (ours or yours) until your design is lookin’ on point.

5. Export your banner to your computer

Create an Etsy Shop Banner in PicMonkey


Click Export to save your banner on your computer. It’s already saved in PicMonkey because files save to Hub automatically as your work. Hub is our cloud-based storage system, and the wonderfully useful thing about it is that your saved image remains layered, and therefore editable and that means you can modify it in the future if you want.

6. Upload to Etsy

Create an Etsy Shop Banner in PicMonkey


Now that you’ve got your brand new banner all ready to go, it’s time to upload to Etsy.

Quick steps for uploading your banner to Etsy

  1. Log in to, and click the Shop Manager button at the top right.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to your shop name, under Sales Channels.
  3. To add or to change an existing image, click the camera icon on the bottom right of the image, and choose the banner size. Then upload your banner from your computer.

And you’re done. Wow, you’re so good at branding!


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