How to Design Custom Temporary Sport Tattoos

Go team, go!

Show off your school spirit this season with custom temporary tattoos designed by you. Whether you’re on the field playing or cheering in the stands, show your pride and get tatted. Your designs can be as simple as a “Go Team, go!” and as detailed as recreating your school logo. Here’s what you’re gonna wanna know:

Pick a canvas

Open up the Editor by hovering over the Design tab and select a square canvas. Once you’ve got your canvas, you’re free to design away!

Add text

Selecting your font can be tricky (‘cause they’re all great) … but if you highlight your text you can click through fonts, you’ll get a preview of how it looks and see which one will work best. If you’re feeling the athletic look,try using Freshman from our Penmanship font group.

Add graphics

Good news, sport lovers. PicMonkey’s Games & Glory graphics have all your sporty needs in one place. To create crests or banners, just scroll down to the Scrapbooky section and get going.

I ordered the designs in this video through, a company specializing in custom temporary tattoos. They have no minimum.,so you can order just one if you wish! However, if you want to get crafty, you can print your designs yourself. Learn more about DIY temporary tattoos here.

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