Picture Book Maker

Make stunning designs with PicMonkey's picture book maker. You'll be amazed at what you can create—no design skills required.

How to make picture books


Start with a picture book design in PicMonkey templates. Or start with a blank canvas.

Add or replace

Replace text and graphics with your own or add from PicMonkey's massive library.


Tweak color, size, and effects to match your brand.


Export, print, or share.

Why use PicMonkey for design and photo editing?

Minimal learning curve

Our easy and intuitive tools allow you to start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Extensive feature set

Start with a professionally designed template or take advantage of our high-powered tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

Get everything you need to create fabulous images for one low subscription price, with no one-off purchases or hidden costs.

Create with graphics

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create designs that will get noticed.

Free stock photos & videos

Choose from millions of free stock photos and videos to customize your design—accessible right from the PicMonkey editor. You’re sure to find a beautiful, authentic image that’s just right for your needs.

Learn more about using PicMonkey's peerless text tools

Protect your work with a watermark

Use a custom watermark to claim your fab photos.

Break the mold with text masking

Fill text with an image for a fresh, exciting look.

Make your text stand out

Get noticed with the trifecta of text effects.

Make stunning designs with PicMonkey's picture book maker

Ready to craft your next literary masterpiece? We’ll always advocate for visual storytelling at PicMonkey. Browse our collection of picture book templates, or embark upon a journey of self-creation with our gorgeous design tools, guaranteed to help you produce an impeccable work of art. No skill required. Our designs work with fun at-home projects or something more professional. Just make sure to give us a shoutout when your picture book hits The New York Times Best Seller List.