9 Top-Tier PicMonkey Tutorials Made by You

Every time we stop to smell the roses—meaning take a look at all of the genius ways PicMonkeyers put our photo editing and graphic design tools to use—we wind up feeling pretty humbled. And maybe crying a few happy tears. That’s because PicMonkeyers repeatedly turn out top-notch creations, and share the ingredients to their secret sauce with step-by-step tutorials. Check out 10 tutorials made by brilliant PicMonkey pros below, and discover new (and ridiculously fun) ways to put our tools to use.

1. Snuggly lions

We love how Meredith from Spoonflower transformed her adorable Cutimals + People Toppers graphic creation into an extra cuddly toy. We extra love that she donated it to the Softies for Mirabel Handmade Toy Drive. And we double-extra love that she documented it all in a step-by-step tutorial, so that everyone can make squishable, well-accessorized animals. See how she used PicMonkey’s design tools and Spoonflower’s custom fabric option in her tutorial, “How to Make Your Own Softie with PicMonkey,” then start crafting your own one-of-a-kind toys.

2. Pretty words

We have a whopper of a crush on text masking, aka pictures coming through text, aka textured text. Whatever you wanna call it, Boss Lady Dreams blogger Stephanie has this technique down. See how she gave her words a taste of the tropics in her tutorial, “How to Create Textured Text with PicMonkey.”

3. Indoor snowsports

New Zealand blogger Stella has a knack for creating out-of-the-ordinary images of her little ones (check out the About section of her blog for hot air balloon and garage band goodness). Her Fake Skiing Memory tutorial is a behind-the-scenes look at how she made wintry pics sans snow, using some DIY photoshoot accessories and PicMonkey effects. Adorbs!

4. Bubbling up

If we could travel back in time and have Larissa of Larissa Another Day make all of our grade school Valentine’s Day cards, we’d definitely be the coolest kids in school. Every year she comes up with darling, punny Valentines for her kids’ classmates, and our hearts melt faster than ice cream in a toaster oven. Round up an image and head to her bubble-gum themed Valentine tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to make them for your kid’s class, or your grownup sweetheart.

5. Palette perfection

Color lovers and home design enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Lifestyle blogger Dawn has discovered a ridiculously fun way to create custom color palettes that you can use while deciding on paint hues for your space, or whatever other creative project you’re gearing up for. See how she gives our eyedropper tool a workout in her gawgeous tutorial, “How to Create a Custom Color Palette in PicMonkey.”

6. (Thumb)nailed it!

Calling all YouTube stars! Vlogger and self-proclaimed “makeup junkie” Velma Perez has all the info you need to make a kickin’ YouTube thumbnail image. Watch her video tutorial to get the lowdown on using our collage maker and design tools to create polished thumbnails. We especially enjoy the way she uses Draw to give her text an uber-glam look.

7. Grand graphics

Think our touchup tools are only for portraits? Then you need to take a look at the magical way Karen, aka the Graphics Fairy, uses Blush Boost to change the color (and amp up the cool factor) of a face-free image. Take a look at her suuuuper useful step-by-step guide to recoloring images, and start creating your own custom looks.

8. Color scheming

Maybe you’ve already found a few fabulous colors for your home interior, but you’re not sure they’re going to create the cohesive vibe you’re after. Shelly from the Domestic Heart has developed an innovative way to put your floor plan and swatches to use, so you can ensure hue harmony before you start prying open those paint can lids. Check out her method for creating a paint scheme floorplan, and make sure you’re ready to commit to your colors.

9. Ideal images

Alrighty, entrepreneurs! It’s time to ditch those mediocre product shots, and affiliate marketing specialist/blogger Justine will show you how. Take a gander at her tutorial, and learn to create product shots that scream “professional” in minutes.

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