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New Baby Announcement Templates

Let friends and family know about your new arrival with a whole lotta style. We’re bonkers for you, baby!
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Looking for ideas for your baby announcement? We’ve gotchu.

We’re not totally sure what babies are getting at with all their “goo goo’s” and “ga ga’s,” but we’re guessing it translates into grown-up English as, “Dear parental units: please make my presence known by crafting a splendid birth announcement. Also, kindly ensure that my diaper remains tidy.”

Your little one deserves to be celebrated, and so do you. After all, YOU HAD A BABY. And that’s no small feat (even though they have beyond-cute small feet). Our baby announcement templates will help you tell the people you care about that there are some new teeny tiny toes to tickle and squishy cheeks to pinch. All of our templates are made by pro designs, so it’s hard to go wrong. Pick one that feels like you, and then make it even more you by swapping out the fonts, changing the colors, adding some graphics, and including a pic of your new arrival.

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