Visual Marketing with Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz is a visual marketing specialist, social media strategist, and the mastermind behind the Best Australian Blog of 2014. We were lucky enough to chat with her about content strategy, sharing, and improving your visuals. If you’re marketing with social media, blogs, or websites: do yourself a favor and take Donna’s advice. Watch the video to absorb her infinite wisdom, or read the highlights below.

Find the sweet spot

When creating content, understand your audience. Give them what they like, yeah, but don’t get lost in that pursuit. Let your own tastes guide you. Donna lives by the idea that you should make what you love to make. “I like helping people be creative, and that’s where it’s worked.” Watch at 1:50

Be your own favorite

Donna’s favorite social platform? Her blog. She says everyone should consider the property they own as their main social platform, including email communities. Keep your subscription service social by inviting people to respond and join the conversation with replies. Watch at 4:30

In your best Pinterest

Pinterest is “the one platform where people can get a lot of great results without actually having to be really active on it,” says Donna. Plus, users are much more likely to share and – listen up, business owners – buy. Don’t waste this opportunity with ugly pictures; let PicMonkey help you optimize your Pinterest images! Once you’re making greatness, check the pulse of your images with this trick:

This page shows you what images are popular with your audience, and keeps youthinking visually. Watch at 6:22

The Top 5 Image Types





Quick Tips

Watch at 14:45

Rules of balance

While it’s both amazing and necessary to curate and share content you’ve found for your followers, you must create original content, and you’re way better off if that content is visual. Donna recommends starting with one per day. To make your job a lot easier sit down and figure out what kinds of images you can create in one brainstorming session. It’s overwhelming if you don’t batch or use templates. Watch at 21:50

Reach beyond reach

It’s easy to get obsessed with the notion of reach. People pay tons of money to inflate their reach only to see it diminish when they stop pumpin’ that cash. Yes, traffic is important, but don’t stop there. Think about what happens next: the call to action, the attention, and the shares that follow great content. Watch at 25:30

The sleeping giant

Lastly, we touched on the faithfully visual Google Plus, which Donna warns against discrediting. As we learned in our Google Plus article, the place is filled with devoted fans and communities. Its attention to images makes it one of the better places to start your visual expedition. And don’t forget that Google Plus is Google, after all, meaning posts are more likely to show up in Google search results. Watch at 26:35

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