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How to Make a YouTube Banner from Scratch

Craft a YouTube banner unlike any other by starting with a blank canvas, then unleashing your creative side.
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1. Set up a canvas

Set up a custom canvas size of 2560 x 1440 or use one of our presets.

Make it

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2. Go graphic

Use our graphics to make a custom look, or bring your own images the design party.

Peruse graphics

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3. Word up

Add words in one of our purdy fonts. You can also use your own, just click the Yours button.


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4. Export

Stash your banner on your computer and take it to YouTube.

Get goin’

If you build it, they will come—and watch your awesome videos!

The No-Fuss Creative Toolkit

From fonts to graphics to ludicrously easy sizing, PicMonkey has everything you need to build a YouTube banner that sets the stage for all of your vids. Skip the downloads and learning curves, and make a masterpiece faster than you can say “lights, camera, action!”

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Stress-free sizing

Set your dimensions and quit worrying about your YouTube banner size. ‘Cause you’ve got more important stuff to think about. Like dressing room snack demands.

Size ’em up

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Fonts for days

Dress your words up with a swaggy font. Choose from our collection, or access all the faves you’ve saved to your computer.

Visit the word wardrobe

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Gobs of graphics

Make never-before-seen YouTube banner art with our collection of more than 1,100 original graphics, or BYO images to the design party.

Design away

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Lightening quick collage

Our collage tool leads a double life as a primo YouTube background maker. Upload your images, specify your size, and presto! Banner bliss.

Get in on the secret

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Effects for all your pics

Put your best photo forward with more effects than you’d ever expect from a free YouTube banner maker. Bokeh? B&W? We’ve got ’em all.

Effectify a pic

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Limitless customization

We may have all the tools, but you’re the YouTube banner creator. Begin with a blank canvas to build something 100% you-nique.

Start from scratch

How to Make a YouTube Banner in PicMonkey

  1. Size. No matter where your banner building journey begins—in the Editor, with a template, or in Collage—you’ll find a super simple way to adjust the size of your creation. Type 2560 x 1440 in the pixel size boxes, and know that you’ve got this whole sizing thing locked down.
  2. Style. Let your creativity run free/wild/faster than a speeding bullet with effects, graphics, fonts, and other neato stuff.
  3. Export. Choose your quality setting from the Save screen, then take your splashy new banner over to YouTube.

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