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Online Facebook Photo Cover Maker

Our online Facebook Photo Cover Maker helps you create covers for Events, Business Pages and Personal Pages. Use your photos and videos with our templates to create eye-catching covers.

How to use the Facebook cover photo maker tools

Find a template you love

Browse or search our huge template library for Facebook cover templates. We have templates for Personal, Page, or Event Covers. When you find one you like, click Customize to start designing.

Design with images, video or graphics

Add your photos and videos to the template, or search our stock video or stock photo libraries to find an image that represents you. Resize, crop, or filter the images; and don't forget to add graphics—we have thousands for every use!

Add text to your cover

Click Text in the PicMonkey editor and choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts to use on your Facebook cover. Pro subscribers can even upload their own fonts! Add your text and adjust the letter spacing, or add text effects like curve, drop shadow, or outline if you wanna.

Export and upload your Facebook cover

After you put the finishing touches on your cover, download to your computer, or export it directly to Facebook from PicMonkey. It will always be autosaved in PicMonkey's cloud storage. Upload your new cover image to Facebook and watch the likes start rolling in!

Free stock photos & videos

Choose from millions of free stock photos and videos to customize your design—accessible right from the PicMonkey editor. You’re sure to find a beautiful, authentic image that’s just right for your needs.

Take our Facebook cover maker to go

With the PicMonkey mobile app, you can create a super cool, perfectly sized Facebook cover photo in a snap. Just choose an image, use the Facebook cover size to crop, and edit and adjust to your liking.

Why PicMonkey

Minimal learning curve

Our intuitive interface lets you start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, regardless of your skill level. Like our photo collage maker.

Extensive feature set

Start with ready-made templates, and when you want to stretch your design muscles, use our feature-rich tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

We give you everything you’ll ever need and no one-off purchases, all for less than you’d pay for complicated photo editing software.

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Create scroll-stopping Facebook ads in a snap with PicMonkey’s pro-designed graphics and tools.

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Banners for business

Start with one of PicMonkey’s templates to make a Facebook banner for your business in minutes.

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Additional tips

Get detailed info about making Facebook covers, like using collage templates and creating on mobile.

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