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Headline-making FB cover photos are easy-freesy. We take care of the Facebook cover photo size.

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Facebook Cover Photo maker - Perfect FB Covers Size with PicMonkey

We’re not saying we have all life’s answers. But we can make a kickin’ FB cover photo.

Stunning Facebook cover photos, stunningly simple

Use our templates to craft your Facebook cover photo. We take care of fb cover sizing and offer plenty of textures, text, effects, and overlays. Create a Facebook collage cover and have the coolest FB banner on the block. The creative, putting-it-all-together and making-it-cool part? We leave that to you.
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Size it right

Get a perfect Facebook cover image size every time with our tailored Collage templates. They give you room to express yourself while preserving image quality.

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Customize text and overlays

Take advantage of our galaxy of fonts and overlays to unique-ify your cover photo. Or customize for your business with branded messaging.

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Responsive collage layouts

Our responsive layouts let you fiddle, finagle, and change your mind at a moment’s notice, all without throwing off your design. Photo grid templates for every event.

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How to make a Facebook Cover Photo in Collage maker:

  1. Open your Facebook images in Collage.
  2. Select FB Cover Photo from the Layouts tab and choose your favorite template.
  3. Drag and drop your images where you want ‘em, and tweak to your heart’s content.
  4. Save and upload to Facebook. Bask in compliments.