Free Stock Photos: 15 Websites for Incredible Images

We’ve all been there: a deadline looms, and you need a knockout image to top off your masterpiece. But where to turn for free stock photos? In the madding crowd of stock photo sites where some images cost upwards of $11 a picture, how do you find a photo that won’t break the bank?

The good news for weary image seekers is that there’s a wealth of free stock photos out there—some require no credit, while others do, so first let’s walk you through how the licensing requirements work and then we’ll get to the freebie part.

A word about licensing for photos

All of the image sites featured here offer free stock photos, however, the license may vary. Many of the photos available through these sites are “Creative Commons Zero” or “CC0,” which means they’re free to use for any purpose, including commercial, with no attribution required.

If you come across an image that’s labeled “CC2.0,” that means it’s free to use commercially but requires attribution. And you need to be sure that the subject of the image (people, logos, private property, etc.) is clear of rights infringement. When in doubt, contact the photographer for clarification.

Free stock photo sites with humongous libraries

When you’ve got the perfect image in your head and just need to find it, these sites are here to help with huge and varied collections.

1. Flickr

Flickr is the granddaddy of free photo sharing sites, and with “billions of photos” the sheer volume can feel overwhelming. (Searching “canoe” will get you over a million returns!). You’ll find what you need here, most likely, especially if you have specifics in mind. When searching, you can select keyword, color(s), shape, minimum size, license type, and more to help pare down your search returns.

License: Varies—be sure to check each image

2. Unsplash

With over 1,000,000 photos available for free, Unsplash breaks down the volume with well-curated collections and category tags to narrow your search to exactly what you need. Best of all, you can search the Unsplash library right in the PicMonkey editor to seamlessly add pics to your designs!

License: CC0

3. Burst

Owned by Shopify, Burst serves an e-commerce crowd with photos relevant to selling online. The site offers folders of pics curated by type of business, and many other broad categories, all available to download as either high or low resolution.

License: Varies—be sure to check each image.

4. Barn Images

Started by a couple of photographer friends as an alternative to cheesy stock photos, this site features a lot more than just pics of barns. You’re free to use their royalty-free stock images without attribution for any purpose, but the site creators would appreciate a shoutout if you like their work. Plus, they have a pretty helpful blog about makin’ stuff with their pics.

License: CC0

5. Life of Pix

Life of Pix was established by LEEROY, a digital marketing agency in Canada. They host hundreds of thousands of free stock photos. Every photo available is from a photographer, and while it might take you a bit to find what you want, there are plenty of quality images available.

License: Public domain; use for personal or commercial use, as long as you don't mass distribute.

Quality over quantity free stock photo sites

These sites don’t have as many options as some of the ones listed above, but they make up for it in nice quality and thought-provoking composition. If you’re looking for inspiration more than a set image, these may be for you.

6. Albumarium

Albumarium is, as the title suggests, a collection of photo albums. When you search for a photo, you’ll instead be presented with an entire album, which sometimes is stuffed with pics, while other times has just a couple.

License: Varies—be sure to check each image

7. Negative Space

Negative Space is modest in size, but that just makes browsing a more positive experience. Check out their flat lay pics and smartphone mocks.

License: CC0

8. Picspree

Picspree's growing stock photo collection features amazing high-res shots. The company also has the backing of stock photo giant, Getty Images (so expect to see some plugs while searching for photos).

License: Custom—generally, Picspree's photos are available for free personal and commercial use (although there could be an occasion when you need an artist's permission depending on the photo type).

9. SplitShire

Perhaps not a specific topic, but we're including it here because it certainly is from a specific photographer. In 2014, Daniel Nanescu created SplitShire and started uploading his backlog of professional photos. Ever since, they've been used millions of times. This is a private collection, so you won't find hundreds of thousands of photos; but what is available is high-quality.

License: Custom but similar to a CCO; see restrictions here.

Free stock photo sites focused on specific topics

Most of these sites have at least a few images of nature, food and drink, fashion, and animals, but a few free photo resources focus specifically on one type of image.

10. Free Food Photos

Free Food Photos is an easy go-to for recipe mavens and kitchenistas of all kinds. The images are free to use for any purpose, commercial or noncommercial, as long as you credit them.

License: Creative Commons; you can read more here

11. KaboomPics

Beautiful pics with a decidedly feminine vibe, site owner and photographer Karolina shares her lovely images specifically for bloggers, small business owners, freelancers, and other digital natives.

License: Kaboompics wrote a custom license which is similar to CC0. Read it here

12. New Old Stock

Here's a gem if you're on the lookout for historical stock photography. Put together on tumblr by product designer Cole Townsend, New Old Stock offers 1000+ free historical images.

License: Believed to be all public domain and free for personal use; however, Townsend explains what to do if you're unsure in the site's Rights & Usage section.

13. Libreshot

Like SplitShire, Libreshot has been curated by an individual photographer named Martin Vorel. You won't find many photos of people here, but you will find several artsy, high-res images that can elevate your own artistic projects.

License: Creative Commons Public Domain—basically no restrictions (although while not required, it would be nice to give him a shoutout).

Free stock photo sites that are kinda weird

Sometime you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t need a normal stock photo, and these are the times to get wacky. Need a pic of an elephant walking through an art gallery, a grandpa dabbing, or a freaky doll head? Check out these sites to feed your fetish, or simply to find a pic that’s just a bit out of the ordinary.

14. Gratisography

Although Ryan McGuire’s Gratisography site offers plenty of mainstream images, his sense of humor shines through in the “weird stock photos” category. Do you need an image of a man with sticky note eyeballs? You never know.

License: CC0

15. Stockvault

Wacky photos, Stockvault’s got ’em, and some not-so-wacky ones, too.

License: Commercial, non-commercial, and CC0

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