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make youtube logos quick and easy at picmonkey for free

Try our YouTube logo maker tools for a pro-looking channel—regardless of your skill level. Start fast with a logo template, or create a YouTube logo from scratch with graphics and text. You can also make matching banners, channel art, and thumbnails, too! Start for free today!

make youtube logos quick and easy at picmonkey for free

Click “Create New” to open a blank canvas or logo template. Get ready to make it yours!


Add graphics and style your text. Drop shadow? Brand colors? You’ve got it.

Go transparent

Make your background transparent so it looks good over any image or video.


Add your logo to your channel art and videos. Boom! Your channel is fully branded.

Use curved text for DIY logos

PicMonkey’s curved text tool makes it dead easy to drop your brand name into a simple circle or logo. From a simple arch to a full circle to waves and swoops, you can say goodbye to the X axis.

Curved text opens up a lot of design options that can lead to new font choices and graphic treatments. Try it out and see if it puts a new spin on your logo.

Use curved text for DIY logos
Use curved text for DIY logos
Choose from thousands of graphics to use in your youtube thumbnail or channel art designs

Graphics for YouTube

+ So much more! Browse all the graphics

Choose from thousands of graphics to use in your youtube thumbnail or channel art designs

Make YouTube channel art with blank canvases

When you want total design flexibility, start with a pre-sized blank canvas. Add photos, graphics, and text, then use alignment grids to arrange ’em perfectly.

Don’t stop there! Refine your YouTube channel art design with drop shadows, outlines, masking, and eye-popping effects.

YouTube channel art design with PicMonkey effects applied.
YouTube channel art design with PicMonkey effects applied.
PicMonkey mobile app windows

Make YouTube channel art in the PicMonkey app

Good news! Our YouTube banner maker tools extend to the small screen. Make what you want whenever you need it in PicMonkey mobile.

Just like on desktop, you can easily edit images, graphics, and text for one heck of a YouTube design.

PicMonkey mobile app windows

We have stock video, too!

Free stock videos included with all subscription levels, so you can take your designs to the next level. Use video in social media posts, ads, YouTube video interstitials, and more.

Get your brand rolling

New to this whole branding thing? No worries — we can help. Get started by creating a vision board.

Use your logo as a watermark

Protect images and build brand awareness by adding your logo to your designs.

logo on phone
Improve your design chops

Learn our easy-to-use design tools in minutes, then create some stunning channel art, like banners and thumbnails.

Bring your logo to life with a PicMonkey subscription!

YouTube Logo FAQs

The YouTube logo is small, so make sure your design is clear and simple to read. Use single graphics or your channel's initials. Have a mascot or a company logo? Use it as your channel art logo. Learn more about making circle logos

How do I make a transparent logo for YouTube?

Making the background of your YouTube logo transparent is easy. Create a design in PicMonkey and then delete the background layer. The most important thing is to save your design as a PNG so it stays transparent. Learn more about making PNGs

How can I make a YouTube logo on my iPhone?

Download and use PicMonkey's free mobile app to create designs on the go. In just a few taps you can make a YouTube logo with textures, colors, graphics, or photos. Upgrade to a Pro subscription and get background remover on mobile, too! Learn about the app