Make Your Own Fitness Planner to Crush Your Athletic Goals

This just in — the gym industry hit $33 billion this year. There are 174 million gym members worldwide and even more fit folks who don’t go to the gym to get swole. Whether you’re a fan of pumping iron or prefer the outdoors for some natural weight resistance, two words: fitness planner.

No more lifting weights, sprinting, or half marathon training without properly mapped out goals. If it’s true that thoughts create reality (and it is), then imagine what typing or writing out your goals in a fitness planner could do. 

Let’s jog through this breezy tutorial for all those ready to take their health regime to the next level.

Short on time? Fitness planner quick steps

  1. Open a blank canvas in PicMonkey or select a fitness template to customize.

  2. Add gym-related graphics, motivating colors, and text to craft your workouts.

  3. Download in PNG or JPG (or PDF for Pro subscribers) to print or upload to social. Done!

If you’ve got a few more moments, we’ve got a few more deets. Check ‘em out.

Make your own fitness planner in PicMonkey fast

Get fit with this customizable template

Whether you’re a frequent gym-goer or you struggle to get up and at 'em, making a fitness and health planner can be the first (or next) step to achieving your health goals. Sure, digital apps can track calories burnt and miles ran, but what about the associated mental, physical, and emotional goals? Sustainable change usually comes from a holistic approach, after all.

Not sure where to start? We got you. You can easily customize our fitness planner templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas.

Start with a fitness planner template

Before mastering your goals, identify what type of planner you are. Do you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly goal tracking? You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, but you do want to hold yourself accountable. 

Consider what level of commitment you’re willing to make as you peruse our templates. Leave space to push yourself, but avoid making goals you know you won’t reach. 

Get fit with this customizable template

To begin your creation, simply open up the PicMonkey editor and click Templates. Type “fitness” into the search bar to scope out our diverse options. Click on whichever your heart desires and get to it! 

10 fitness planner ideas to fast track your progress

Need some inspo? You can make several different fitness and health planners with PicMonkey. 

1. Weekly workout goals

Get fit with this customizable template

Start the workout week off fresh! Map out your weekly workout plan with concise intentions for the day. Be sure to carve out time for rest so your mind doesn’t go into workout overdrive. That way, you can push yourself Monday-Wednesday, and then again Friday and Saturday. Having rest checkpoints can ease the mind and motivate the body to new levels. 

Get pumped with bright colors that evoke drive. Color theory can help you fuel your workout mentality. We used a slick color gradient for this one. Once you land your main color(s) for the week, throw in some fun fitness graphics and fonts that encourage you to honor your goals. 

This template leaves space to be intuitive. Decide what “lower body” means that day, knowing you can always switch it up based on how you feel.

2. Fitness daily planner deets

Get fit with this customizable template

If you’re more detail-oriented, use a fitness daily planner to map out your day. Whether you’re creating your own workout routine or pulling inspo from your most beloved CrossFit idols, here’s the place to do it! This planner makes space for meals and includes diverse forms of movement. You can always print out multiples for each day of the week.

Write out the deets by hand or type them in directly. Handwriting engages the brain kinesthetically and can help you stick to your goals. Typing, however, looks official and may motivate you visually. Ultimately, set yourself up for success based on your learning style. That, alone, can aid your stick-to-itiveness.

3. Monthly fitness tracker planner

Get fit with this customizable template

In it for the long haul? Make a fitness plan for the whole month! It’s helpful to have different planners for things so as not to overwhelm yourself. You can set your fitness planner alongside your family calendar, nutrition schedule, or your daily to-do checklists to keep everything organized.  Pro tip: Color-code your fonts or use text effects to keep yourself coming back each week.

4. Add goals, stats, and notes

Get fit with this customizable template

Remember that holistic wellness approach we mentioned? Being healthy and fit is more than just crossing off a workout from your list. Leave space for goals, stats, notes, and motivational phrases to inspire you! Plus, you can keep your fitness tracker planners to reflect on all your progress down the road.

If you’re working with a physical trainer, they can help you with workout routines, goals, and checkpoints throughout the month. Showing them your records screams commitment.

5. Crush your fitness goals from home

Get fit with this customizable template

As a result of the last couple of years, more people are working out from home than ever. Customize your at-home workout regime with a cozy pic of your home space, or choose among our millions of stock photos for a motivating image. 

If you’re a list follower, planning your workouts in this linear fashion can propel momentum. Feel free to add how often to do this regimen. Add or swap any particulars and voila! Get ready to get swole.

Pro tip: Add effects like Radiance to bring some movement-based energy to your fitness planner. Simulate how you desire to feel as you workout and you’re halfway there!

6. Bring the heat with bold colors

Get fit with this customizable template

Nothing says sweat like a fiery, red hot fitness planner, eh? Think saunas…hot yoga…scorching sun beating down on you as you crush that 10K. 

Use fun, motivating, and influential color schemes to craft your week! You might not want to color-code your days based on how you currently feel, but by how you want to feel. You can make each box a different color of the rainbow, or, stick to a similar color palette (like the one above) and switch it up next time!

Either way, do your research on the meaning of colors. The last thing you want is a relaxing color profile when you’re getting ready to pump some iron.

7. Give yourself options

Get fit with this customizable template

Maybe conventional planners don’t float your boat — no biggie! How ‘bout a game of This or That? The benefit of a planner like this (yes — it still is a planner, in a sense) allows you to have choices throughout the week. 

You can designate this planner for a specific period of time. Make it for a particular day, week, or month. And for some real fun, circle whichever you decide as you go! 

Plus, add custom details like seasonal colors and summertime graphics to incentivize you for a post-workout reward. Lemonade, chocolate, a dip in the pool…

8. Leave room for details

Get fit with this customizable template

Ah, sweet freedom. For creative and intuitive fitness fans, a planner like this provides ample space for notes and nuance. 

Consider it your daily fitness worksheet. While you can set an intended schedule in the morning, you can easily make changes as the day unfolds. Customize your fitness planner with abstract patterns to draw you in. This is a great option for a lax and flexible scheduler.

Pro tip: Utilize PicMonkey’s Abstract Patterns category in the Textures tab to create standout details in your designs.

9. Publicize your fitness daily planner

Get fit with this customizable template

Nothing’s more motivating than personal pics sporting your progress. Yes, conventional planners have boxes and grids, but so long as you plan on doing the thing, make it your own way! Plus, your fitness daily planner can double as an Instagram post. Going public with your fitness program might help if you want:

  • Accountability partners

  • A larger following

  • To attract fitness clients

  • To trend for fitness accounts

  • To inspire

Why not let the whole world cheer you on? 

10. Queue up the tunes

Get fit with this customizable template

Alright, we all know workouts only go so far without the beats. So if you’re customizing fitness planner, you better include the soundtrack. 

If you don’t know what kind of movement you’re in the mood for, starting with music can help. Ask yourself what you want to listen to and coordinate your workout from there. Maybe the latest EDM albums trigger some sprints, followed by the Top 40 for the rest of your rotation. You can even make each set the length of your songs to push yourself until the end. You can be as fluid or regimented as you desire based on your fitness goals.

Make a fitness planner with a blank canvas

If you have a particular vision in mind and wanna start from scratch, simply open up a blank canvas and scroll to Formats. Select the appropriate blank planner template that works for you, or type in your preferred specs to the “Create Custom” header. Then, click Make it!

Now’s the time to get reallllly clear about your goals. Add in the deets with motivating fonts, unique graphics, and colors that’ll get you outta bed. Here’s a quick breakdown of things to include in your fitness planner.


Before starting your creation from scratch, decide whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly fitness track planners. This will inform how much detail you provide. Do you prefer generalities or specifics? Which format will set you up for success?


Make space for rest, meals, and diversity of movement. You can also include blank spaces for thoughts, feelings, or reminders pertaining to your fitness goals. 

Identify what type of activities you enjoy and divvy them up in a rotation that keeps you motivated. 


Customize away! Here’s your chance to bring your fitness and health planner to life in a way that makes you actually want to follow it. Why not throw in some barbell or fitness tracker graphics? 

Consider what colors, fonts, and layouts will motivate you the most. There’s a common sports phrase that states you play like you practice and practice how you play. Your fitness planner is your practice. Creation time is creative visualization time. Similar to making a vision board or mood board, this is your fitness board! Don’t be afraid to dream big while hyping yourself up. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

For more tips on making inspired lists and the like, read: How to Make a List You Actually Want to Follow


When you’re finished sculpting your fitness goals, download in JPG or PNG format (or PDF for Pro subscribers) to your desktop. Your work remains editable in our cloud storage, Hub, if you need to revisit it next week or month for a new look.

Feel free to print in high resolution to have copies for the week or multiple months. You can always write new notes on your planners as things come up throughout the day. Or, if you’re looking for virtual (or in-person) workout friends, why not share your work directly to social? Get community support from friends, family, and followers to stick to your goals.

Or, if you’re an online fitness brand or business, you can use fitness tracker planners as consistent content for your followers. That way, you’re inspiring others while holding yourself accountable. Win-win! 

Last piece of business: If you’re creating a fitness and health planner for yourself but decide last minute to blast it on multiple social channels, simply use our Smart Resize tool to size it for various platforms in a few simple clicks. 

Awesome. We’re stoked about your newfound fitness journey. Now go get them health gains!

Paige Frisone

Paige is a Colorado-based Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, writing coach, and psychosomatic poet. She geeks out about the neuroscience of emotions and the impact of the subconscious mind on waking life. In her free time, she grooves to dancey beats outdoors while befriending local mountains.