10 Marketing Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

As we enter this new year (woohoo!), there’s one thing we can know for sure. New year, new technology. Though the world is moving quickly in a tech-dominant direction, marketing brochures remain forever relevant. New tech = more business. More business = more marketing.

In this piece, we’ll cover:

  • What marketing brochures are

  • Why marketing brochures matter

  • What to include in a marketing brochure

  • Inspired marketing brochure examples

These basics are sure to fuel better business in 2022…this is our gift to you.

Marketing brochures 101

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Marketing brochures are quite literally – you guessed it – brochures to market your product or services. They’re informative and creative documents that are also called pamphlets or leaflets.

We know what you might be thinking, but we promise these brochures aren’t limited to the classic medical office environment or your dreaded high school health class.

Whether you’re a social media influencer, major exec at a corporate company, or a personal injury lawyer, marketing brochures don’t discriminate. There’s always a need for marketing, whether it’s to gain new customers or re-engage old ones.

Brochure benefits

Brochures are the perfect way to market yourself, a place, or a product. Consider the following benefits of marketing brochures:

  • Creative and visually captivating

  • Informational and/or educational

  • Authoritative

  • Effective for brand voice and brand awareness

  • Tools for customer engagement and lead acquisition

And if that’s not enough, marketing brochures are a fresh, tangible way for consumers to stay in the know about your latest events, promotions, sales, and announcements. They’re the one-stop-shop for better business, so let’s dive into the marketing brochure examples that will get you to your next marketing milestone.

Top marketing brochure examples to boost business

1. Travel smarter

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While Atlases are out, marketing brochures are very in. Remember your last road trip or impromptu solo vacay? Once you walk into that hostel, Airbnb, or hotel, you’re greeted with a plethora of local attractions. Make sure adventurers have what they need with a balanced brochure full of pictures, info, and guidance. 

Pro Tip: Customize your brochure with colors that match its content. Utah is known for its red rock country and dry, desert-seeming climate, so oranges and reds are def the way to go. Plus, colors influence people’s energy, so the right ones can give off vacay-vibes straight from their computer! Plus, plus — in this case, marketing brochures are also a sweet collectible, so see how yours can make a traveler’s trip memorable.

2. Get rhymey

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Most marketing brochures feature a smart combo of text, images, and info. Depending on your field, you might choose an artsy route to prompt distinct impressions. If you use minimal text like this one, consider alliterative phrases, rhymes, or catchy messaging to engage consumers.

Nail salons, artists, musicians, influencers, makeup artists, spas, salons, or cosmetologists might prioritize their colors & pics to represent an experience over information. Whatever you choose to be the focal point of your brochure, make it pop!

3. Design brochures like you do your home

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Whether you’re an interior designer, fashion designer, or graphic designer, there’s no reason you can’t also be a master marketing brochure designer.

Be sure to explain your services in a way that differentiates you from others. Remember, too much info can be a deterrent but customers want to know who you are, so balance out your text with compelling images and color palettes. Just like Feng Shui-ing your home, too many (or too few) elements can alter the whole experience.

4. Use pro photos

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You know a marketing brochure is effective when you engage people who have never considered your offering before.

Attract undiscovered pottery enthusiasts by using photos. You don’t have to hire a photographer per se, but you’ll want to capture the experience of your product in a way that’s enticing to rookies and experts alike. Call up your artsy friends or play with a self-timer to finesse your photo library.

5. Master the tri-fold

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Whether you’re a new biz or a long-time owner ready to shake things up, two words: tri-fold brochure. Marketers know that blank space is a wasted marketing opportunity. Brochures can feel incomplete without a front and back.

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Like other brochure templates shown here, this design is multiple pages and made to be cohesive. Customize both sides in PicMonkey with your own brand assets. Designate one side for minimal details & pics and the other for more info.

6. Shameless self-promo

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Whether you’re a podcaster, Etsy shopper, blogger, or personal trainer, this is your time to shine. And if you’re all of the above, use our diverse marketing brochure formats to make a list of services with appropriate descriptions.

Entrepreneurs are notoriously multi-faceted and therefore also serve as influencers today – among which there are 3.2 - 37.8 million. (Even the latest stats can’t keep up!) Self-starters have to work to build their followings, so use that charisma to pitch yourself, instill value, and attract the masses.

In a competitive market where everyone’s promoting something (including themselves), customizable marketing brochure examples like this one are the perfect way to name who you are and what you offer.

Remember, standout marketing brochures are ones that cater to you, not the other way around.

7. There's more than meets the eye

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This marketing brochure utilizes symbols, graphics, and distinct color palettes to compel customers. Just like any magazine ad, this style lets people “try on” the product without having used it yet.

Abstract and interpretive brochures create sympathetic resonance for their audience; a way to feel the experience how the marketer intends.

8. Offers, promos, events, oh my!

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At some point or another, everyone has received a marketing brochure in the mail. Use your personal experiences as a consumer to decide how to impact others.

When you received the brochures, did you read them? What did you like? What would you keep and what would you change to benefit your audience?

If you’d rather send digital brochures to the masses, you can do so through email or post ‘em on social. Short ‘n sweet, to-the-point send-outs keep folks engaged and keep you in mind.

9. Shop local

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Everyone has a soft spot for small and local businesses. Marketing brochures offer optimal space to sell yourself, so use it! Remember to:

  • Include basic info like the business’s name, phone, & location

  • Create value (why do people need this service?)

  • Create urgency (why do people need this service now?)

  • Include discounts, promos, or sale info 

  • Include stand-out details that differentiate you

Once you draft that killer content, back it up with graphics, background color themes, or even testimonials for an unparalleled brochure.

10. Campy collage

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If you have multiple products or experiences to offer, this marketing brochure is for you. Use this collage-y style to highlight different activities and upcoming events.

Consider whether your offerings are seasonal, ever-present, or time-sensitive. That will help you prioritize how to arrange your content. And! Take advantage of PicMonkey’s ease-to-use collage tools to amplify select collage blocks.

These marketing brochure examples exist to assure you there’s plenty of inspo to go ‘round. We’ll never tell you what to do, but we’ll always showcase the infinite possibilities for every background and level of experience.

Manifest the marketing year you desire with PicMonkey’s templates and don’t forget to send us the finals when you’re done!

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