Say it with Text Layouts

Using our design templates is a fast and easy way to get a pro look for whatever you’re designing. Our text layouts work just the same, but you’ll start with text rather than images. And since they’re created by our hotshot designers, text layouts will give you the headstart you need to make fab designs in a flash, regardless of your creative background.

Templates for words

Just as different colors and images work together (or don’t!), font combinations can have an enormous impact on designs. It’s pretty much accepted that sans serif fonts are more modern and light-hearted than the traditional, established serif fonts. But are there times when you’d use both in one design? Or add a font that looks like handwriting, calligraphy, or something scratched on a tombstone? You bet. And our text layouts take the guesswork out of what goes with what.

How to use text layouts in your designs

If you already have an image you want to use, you’re all set to start working with text layouts. 

  1. Open your image as your new design. 

  2. Choose a text layout that complements it. 

  3. Replace the text with your own.

  4. Tweak the text however you want. 

While they are called “layouts,” we didn’t just combine fonts that go together — we laid them out (see?) and sized them so they’ll look good wherever you place them. But you can also drag individual text elements wherever you’d like on your image.

You can also start with a blank canvas instead of an image. Open a blank canvas, put the text layout on it, replace the text with your own, and add a background image or color. Quick and classy.

Whether you use them as a jumping-off point on a blank canvas or as descriptive content to level up one of your pics, text layouts will get you up and running in no time.

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Kevin Rexroat

Kevin is a technical and creative writer with experience writing for Redmond and Hollywood. He is by all accounts a terrible vegetarian, mainly because of pepperoni pizza. He has never seen "The Sound of Music," but he has seen pink dolphins. In addition to being an accomplished writer, his acting and singing have been described as "fine."