DIY Dorm Decor Ideas: So Easy, So Quick, So Cute

DIY Dorm Decor Ideas: So Easy, So Quick, So Cute
August 23, 2016 Fabiola Landa

Happy back to school season!

Your dorm room is your home away from home, so make it cozy. PicMonkey has all the tools you need to create perfect wall art, notebook and planner covers, checklists, and more. Once you’re all settled in, arts and craft time is much needed. Here’s some inspo as you start creating:

Design your Dorm

Start with PicMonkey’s Design tab. Beginning with a blank canvas  will let you take your creation pretty much anywhere. In this video we created a framed quote, try creating one that pushes you to be the best you can be every day. To get a sophisticated look, try the one-two design punch of the Text tool and Graphics. Combining the two works  wonders! But don’t feel limited: even though PicMonkey provides bunches of graphics and text, it also lets you upload whatever graphic and font you want! Just click “Add your own,” and voila.

Print & Frame for your Dorm

Once you’ve saved your masterpiece on your computer, the next steps are to get crafty. You can get fancy with photo paper, or if you ballin’ on the college budget, computer paper will do. Next, just find a frame, put that beauty in there, and hang it up!

Get organized

DIY planners and checklist

Keeping a to-do list is the key to success (not really, but it helps). There’s something about having a checklist created by you that makes you want to use it more. PicMonkey’s fonts and graphics are exactly what you need to create a planner or checklist. Print ’em out, fill ‘em in. Stay organized.

Adult coloring page

When the school work starts rolling in, every student needs some midday relaxation. Creating an adult coloring page is so easy with PicMonkey, and bonus: when you’re done, it’s a great way to label your notebooks and folders!

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