DIY Dorm Decor Ideas: So Easy, So Quick, So Cute

Your dorm room is your home away from home, so make it cozy. PicMonkey has all the dorm decor ideas you need to create perfect wall art, notebook and planner covers, checklists, and more. Here’s some inspo as you start creating:

Create a quote pic

Beginning with a blank canvas  will let you take your creation pretty much anywhere. In this video we created a framed quote, try creating one that pushes you to be the best you can be every day. To get a sophisticated look, try the one-two design punch of a cool font and graphics. But don’t feel limited: even though PicMonkey provides bunches of graphics and text, it also lets you upload whatever graphics and fonts you want! Just click “Add your own,” and voila.

Edit and frame a beautiful photo

Edit your photo to clinch the beauty and size it right, then break it out of its digital form. You can order gorgeous prints using the PicMonkey Print Shop for canvas, framed, or pro prints on luxe paper. If you’re saving your cash for lattes, punch it out on a regular office printer and drop it into a frame from a thrift shop.

Make a DIY planner and checklist

Keeping a to-do list is a major key to college success. Of course you can use a task manager app, but if you’re the kind of person who likes real-world objects as much as digital tools, designing your own makes you that much more likely to use it. PicMonkey’s fonts and graphics are exactly what you need to create a planner or checklist. Print ’em out, fill ‘em in. Stay organized.

Design a coloring page folder label

When the studying gets intense, every student needs an outlet. Creating an adult coloring page is so easy with PicMonkey, and it’s a great way to label your notebooks and folders. Then, when you’re taking a breather between classes, you can color it in with your trusty highlighter markers.

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Fabiola Millican is a social media marketer here at PicMonkey. When she's not creating wonders on, she's probably traveling, at the beach, or taking pictures somewhere.