Top 9 Tutorials Made by You

There are way, way more PicMonkey pros out there in world than there are here at PicMonkey HQ, and we’re pretty humbled by the quality and variety of the work people are putting together. There’s such a generous benevolence to the sharing, like: Hey, I made this cool thing and I want to show you how I did it, so you can give it a go if you like it. This is what it’s all about, folks! We get a little verklempt…

Following are what we consider the top photo editing tutorials for photo editing help. Scope them for new ideas and techniques, and do tell us about other ones you love in comments below.

Learn the Basics

Trina Cress’ tutorial Photo Editing for Beginners with PicMonkey  shows her great sense of style. She lays out the basic argument behind why you should edit your photos even if you’ve got a pretty decent camera, and then shows subtle changes that make a big difference.

Trina’s also got tutorials on making a watermark and creating blank images with PicMonkey.

Cut Loose and Play Around

Elan Morgan, a.k.a. Schmutzie, reminds us that sometimes it’s good to just play tag with your muse; dink around a bit and see what comes of it. Her tutorial PicMonkey: Image Editing Made Easy quickly explores graphics, some touch up, and text.

And if you dive into her post, you get the benefit of learning about the highly serious nature of Xmas Orange and a kitty overtaken by monsters. Whuh? Don’t think too hard and you’ll chuckle.

Make a Blog Header

If you haven’t used Collage, you’re not living! A great tutorial on the blog “21 Rosemary Lane” gives step by step instructions for making a blog header. The same basic instructions will work for creating a fab cover image or background image for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Get Mad Text Skillz with Recipe Cards

The more you play with the text tool, the more you’re its master. Bend it to your will with text-heavy projects like this recipe card tutorial, by Brandie Valenzuela of “Home Cooking Memories.”

Keep a drool-catcher handy; those oatmeal toffee cookies sound pretty tasty!

Make a Banner

One small step into this food blog tutorial, one large step into the pantry. Yummm. Katrina’s tutorial isn’t about the food, though. She creates a simple banner graphic with text on it, and shows how to upload your own graphic—a watermark or any image you want to add on top of another. Towards the end of the tutorial, she includes a bunch of samples showing the many creative ways she labels her food posts with graphics. Nicely done!

Get Circular

How can you say no to a circle? They’re so spiffy and design-y, and when you plop down a bunch of circular images into a collage, like Katy Clouds has done, you just upped your hipster quotient by like a jillion points.  Katy’s tutorial explains how to get a circle-cropped look for your photos. Spoiler: Meet your new friend, the Rounded Corners frame.

Become Supafly

If you thought you were done with levitation at the last middle school sleepover you attended, think again. This super hero photographic trick is a cinch, as Dutch wondergirl Gemma explains in her tutorial Learn to Fly.  It’s all about erasing your own graphic!

Bring Some Noir to Your Technicolor

Get a great hand-colored look with this selective coloration tutorial by Abby Glassenberg of “While She Naps.” You’ll learn how those Effect and Original buttons on the paint palette work and why coloring outside the lines is no big deal when you’re a grown up.

Party on with your Cupcake Donned

Any event planner worth his or her salt will tell you that a plateful of cupcakes gets a great visual pop when you add cupcake toppers. Amelia, from Monograms ‘n Mud, shows you how she made them using Collage. You’re gonna jones for a circle punch; fair warning!

Perhaps the most valuable thing you can get out of cruising through these tutorials is grasping the fact that there’s a huge community of PicMonkeyers out there, many of whom are likely to be doing the same kinds of things you want to do with the tools. So don’t be shy—let us know what you’re doing, how you did it, and what you want to know from your fellow photo editors. We’re all ears—er, eyes!

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.