Tutorial: Clone Tool

Tutorial: Clone Tool

Ever get a great shot only to discover that you had your finger over the lens? Don’t despair; simply use the Clone tool to remove your appendage (from the photo, that is). Cloning lets you paint over part of your photo by copying another part of the photo. Learn how with this quick video tutorial:

Or if you like your tutorials still and steady, here’s the step-by-step:

Eek! Erase a thumb from the corner of your photo with Clone.1. Open Photo

Open your photo in our photo editor by dragging it to the Edit a photo launch target on home page. You can also open a photo by clicking the Edit button atop the home page, and then clicking a photo storage option below it. (You’re telling PicMonkey where to get your photo from.)

PicMonkey's Clone tool is located within the Effects tab.2. Choose Clone Tool

Click the Effects tab and scroll to the bottom to find the Clone tool. You can also find the Clone tool in the Touch Up tab.

A dotted circle identifies the clone source; select the area you want to copy. 3. Select Clone Source

When you move your cursor over your image you’ll see a dotted circle, which identifies the clone source (the area you will copy). Before you start, adjust the Brush size slider to fit the area you’re cloning and the Brush hardness slider to set the fuzziness of your edges.

Once you have your brush ready, click on the area you want to copy. In our example, we’re going to copy the clouds over the thumb.

Once you've picked an area of you photo to copy, the Clone tool lets you brush it onto another area.

4. Paint over the unwanted object

Move your mouse over to the area that you want to paint over (your target area). You’ll see that you have a circular cursor. Click and drag your mouse to paint. You can see that the dotted “source” target moves along to show you what you are copying.

You may need to click to choose a new source target during this process to keep finding the right patch to paint over.Zoom control gives you a super-closeup view of your image.

Tip: Use the Zoom control by clicking the percentage number in the lower right corner to zoom in; this helps if you’re cloning small details. Switch to the Photo Eraser tool to paint any original parts back in.

Our Clone tool saves the day again! Use it to remove unwanted smudges and intrusive thumbs.

5. Save

Click Save on the top toolbar when you’re satisfied with your work, and you’re done!

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