Hub, Hub, Hooray! Get to Know PicMonkey’s Smart Storage

Hub, Hub, Hooray! Get to Know PicMonkey’s Smart Storage

Let’s talk about PicMonkey’s image storage platform, Hub. It’s a nifty feature for Premium users that lets you edit your overlays and text after you’ve saved them. Hub also lets you keep all your photos in one convenient location, so it’s easy to pull them up when you want to edit them. No more emailing (*shudder*) your mobile pictures to your computer in order to work on them in With Hub, they’re literally one click away!

Hub works a little bit differently for vs. the PicMonkey mobile app, so hold onto your eyebrows while we fly through the different features.

Using Hub with

“This Hub-majig sounds cool,” we hear you saying. “But how would I use it?”

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a really intense editing sesh, when you look at the time and realize that you’re about to be late to your championship adult kickball game. The team needs you! But you’re not done editing your pic and you’re not totally sure that the text is the right font. Normally, you’d either save the picture how it is, or you wouldn’t save and hope that when you come back to it later, you won’t have to start again from scratch.

Hub, Add to Hub, Save, Cloud, Storage

To add an image to Hub, click Add to Hub in the top toolbar…

Hub, Hub Storage, Cloud storage, Save, Add

…give ‘er a title and click Add.

But when you add your pic to Hub, you can go to the game and win with the blazing focus of a thousand suns, since you won’t need to worry about the precarious fate of your editing project. Simply click Add to Hub in the top toolbar, title that sucker, then click Add.

Boom! You’ve added an image to Hub.

When you want to edit again, hover over Edit, Touch Up, or Collage on the homepage and then select Hub from among the storage options. Find the image you want in Hub and then re-open it by clicking it and then clicking Open.

Hub, Hub Storage, Open a photo, Add, Save, Cloud Storage

To open an image from Hub select Hub from your storage options…

Open, Hub, Images, Image, Storage, Image Storage, Cloud Storage

…then select the image you want and click Open.

Here’s where that re-editing magic happens: With trophy safely in hand, you can change your overlays and text even though you already saved the image. Fix that typo you hadn’t noticed ‘til now and consider yourself part of the photo editing hall of fame.

Bulk uploading with Hub

In addition to adding an image to Hub from the Editor, you can also add multiple images directly to Hub from the homepage. To bulk upload, just select Hub from among the storage options on the homepage and click Upload in the top right corner. This will allow you to upload multiple images to Hub from your computer. You can also drag image files from your desktop and drop them straight into Hub.

Using Hub to store makeshift templates

In addition to being awesome at saving and devastatingly handsome, Hub can also be easily used to save any work you need to keep as a template. If, for example, you made a really great flyer that you want to re-use, Hub’s make-a-copy feature allows you to template-ize it, swapping out text and overlays, while keeping your formatting and effects as they are.

When you re-open a photo in the Editor that you’d previously saved to Hub, trade out the text and overlays that you want to replace. When you’re done with your edits and you want to add this version of the photo to Hub, click Update in Hub. From there you have the option to either Update or Make a copy. Updating your image will replace the original image in Hub, but making a copy will save this version and keep the original version intact. You can keep using the original as a template forever and ever and ever. (Or as long as you want to, no pressure.)

Template, Hub, Save, Add, Make a copy, Cloud Storage, Hub Storage, Image Storage

When you save a photo that you opened from Hub, you can either Update the photo, replacing the original image, or Make a copy, which will keep the original intact.

Storing collages in Hub

You didn’t think we forgot about Collage, did you?! Collages have their own home in Hub, separate from other images. To see your collages in Hub, click Collages above the gallery. It also happens that collages behave a little differently than other Hub-saved images. When you open a collage from Hub, you’ll be able to change all the collage-y things about it, like the layout, photos, number of cells, and background color (to name a few).

hub-announcement-hub-collage Collage, Hub, Hub Storage, Cloud, Save

Collage layouts are re-editable if they’ve been opened from Hub.

However, if you added a text or overlays to photos in the cells, those images will be flattened and won’t be editable the next time you open them.

Using Hub with PicMonkey mobile

If you’re using our mobile app (just released!), there’s more Hub mojo to love. When you want to edit a photo on your phone that’s stored to Hub, tap the Hub icon on the bottom of the home screen. Ta-da! You’re in Hub. Tap the picture you want to glamorize and get editing.

Hub, Android, iOS, open Hub, Mobile, Cloud Storage

To open an image from Hub, tap Hub in the bottom right corner of the PicMonkey app. (Shown here on both Android and iOS.)

It’s important to note that, unlike saving to Hub from, everything gets flattened when saved from mobile. Text and overlays that stay editable on become embedded into the image once they’re opened on your phone so you can’t make changes to them. Collages behave just like regular pictures. However, you can always layer on new effects, text, and overlays.

To save a picture to Hub from the PicMonkey app, open a picture from your phone, tap Save in the top right corner and you can choose Hub from the save options.

Save, Save to Hub, Mobile, Hub Storage, iOS, Android, Photo storage, Image storage, Cloud storage

To save a photo to Hub, tap Save in the upper right corner and tap Save to Hub from the pop up menu. (Shown here on both Android and iOS.)

Unlike Hub on the website, when you save a pic to Hub on mobile, it always creates a copy if there’s an original. To declutter, just tap the check circle in the upper right corner and then pick the photos you want to delete.

Some other neat-o details about Hub:

  • Your Hub pictures are all yours—no one else can see them.
  • You can save ‘yuuuuuuge pics. (Anything you can open in the PicMonkey Editor, you can save to Hub.)

If you have any more questions about Hub, be sure to check out our Help center help pages or drop us a line.



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