Top PicMonkey Highlights for 2018

What did you do with PicMonkey last year? More like, what didn’t you do?

You created birth announcements for a new baby and a logo for your new company. You designed cards for every holiday on the calendar and a few that you made up. You invited all of your friends to parties and shared pics with the one friend who matters most. You put hats on cats. You single-handedly defeated photobombers. You changed the color of a sunset. You learned something new.

Holy cow, you’ve been busy! So while we don’t want to make this a popularity contest (thank you, high school), we would love to give a tip of the hat to some of the top features you used while making all those designs and sharing all of those photos in 2018.

Photo effects and textures  :

Effects: Orton, Tranquil, Black & White 

  • Orton is great for pulling out the brights and cleaning up any muddiness in a photo. You can also use it to easily punch up your contrast or give your highlights a glowy effect just by adjusting the sliders.

  • Tranquil can give your photo a Polaroid/vintage hazy vibe. Use it sparingly to set a mood for your social images.

  • Black and White is a forever classic — play around with the color picker to really dial up the darks and mids in your photo.

Textures: Glitter, Marble

  • Marble provides a great neutral texture that offers lots of visual interest. Its organic, meandering lines are anything but basic. Add it behind a photo or use it as a mask to add depth.

  • Glitter is the perfect way to give your images a hit of glam and sparkle — just what you need for winter/holiday/wedding designs, or any celebration that needs to look just slightly more fabulous.

Fonts, graphics, and colors  :

Fonts: Arial, Arial Black, Antonio

  • Arial is an extremely versatile and modern sans serif font that works well with clean, subtle designs.

  • Arial Black is terrific for emphasizing short blocks of text. A little goes a long way!

  • Antonio is great for saving space or highlighting short text phrases. Elegant and sophisticated, it pairs well with something weightier like Arial Bold, especially if you add space between the letters.

Graphics: Square, circle, rectangle

  • This isn’t surprising since squares and circles are the building blocks of design. They seem basic, but there’s pretty much no limit to how you can use them — standalone shapes, masks for textures and graphics, layers for creating depth, accents for drawing the eye to certain features. Whatever you want.

Colors: White, black, red, pink

  • White and black go with everything, and they work well in formal and playful designs.

  • Luck, passion, power — designers use red to evoke many different emotions.

  • Pink has been the star of the color wheel for a few years now thanks to Millennial Pink — a family of shades popular with, well … Millennials.

Templates  :

Use PicMonkey templates as-is, or customize them with your own images. Either way, they provide a professionally designed foundation for whatever you create. Here are the top 10 used in 2018:

  1. Green thumb

  2. Minimus

  3. Summer life blog

  4. Summer sale x3

  5. Botanical wedding

  6. Threesides

  7. Fall festival with leaves

  8. Insta palette

  9. Fashiongiving sale

  10. Boarder diamond

That’s a wrap

Thank you for a terrific year. There’s more in store for 2019, and we hope you’ll be part of the fun and come along with us.

Kevin is a technical and creative writer with experience writing for Redmond and Hollywood. He is by all accounts a terrible vegetarian, mainly because of pepperoni pizza. He has never seen "The Sound of Music," but he has seen pink dolphins. In addition to being an accomplished writer, his acting and singing have been described as "fine."