How to Edit Photos

With PicMonkey, you can make picture masterpieces. Let’s walk you through how to edit photos like a pro:

  1. From the PicMonkey homepage, hover over the Edit button at the top and click one of the gray storage options to open your photo.
  2. Start in Basic Edits and click Crop to adjust the composition of your photo.
  3. Click Exposure and play with the different sliders or use Auto adjust to get the look you want.
  4. Click the Effects tab, and try an effect to instantly enhance the look and feel of your photo.
  5. If your photo includes people, go to the Touch Up tab to fix blemishes and brighten teeth.
  6. Add finishing touches like graphics, text, and frames, and don’t forget to save!

How to Edit Photos PicMonkey

To learn more about using Basic Edits, check out our handy video tutorial, which breaks down what each edit does and how to use it. And to get a more in-depth look at the steps above, check out our tutorial on Photo Editing Tips for Cool Newbies.