How to Add Text to Photos

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so a picture with words must be worth, like, a million, right? That’s why we created the handy dandy Text tool so you can easily add text to a snapshot, create a custom logo or watermark, launch a viral quote meme, design a killer poster, shame your cat—tons o’ possibilities. Here’s a premium blend of text tips and design ideas that are guaranteed to wow.

The basics: how to add text to photos

Add text to a photo to make a meme, add a caption, create a viral quote or heck, even make a billboard.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Open your photo in PicMonkey and click the Text tab. You’re going to see a yuge list of fabulous fonts to pick from, or you can choose a font from your computer by clicking Yours right under the Add Text button.

  2. Click the Add Text button. A box appears on your photo with the words “Type your text here.” Click inside the box and type your text.

  3. Adjust stuff like font size, color, and alignment in the Text palette. You can even rotate the Text box by grabbing the corner handles.

Check out our video tutorial to see this hot-sauce feature in action.

Create a text graphic on a transparent background

It’s super simple to create a text-based logo, monogram or watermark with a transparent background. Once you’ve finished your design, you can sprinkle it on images, business cards, brochures or stationary like a design pro.

Tip: Bigger is better since you can easily resize it smaller, while resizing small to large—not so great. Check out our watermark tutorial for step-by-step instructions on creating  a text graphic with a transparent background.

Pimp that text with effects

Add some shazaam with a text effect. You’ll have three incroyable choices: Drop Shadow, Knockout, and Inner Shadow to add contrast, depth, or a stamped look to your text.

Tip: Don’t just use the default settings; work those sliders! In the text palette, you’ve got six sliders to fine-tune the exact look you want for your text. Cuz who doesn’t love a lotta control?

Make a text mask

You’re probably seeing this effect pretty much everywhere, and yes grasshopper, with PicMonkey you can pull off this high-end look by following our step-by-step tutorial.

Tip: The image that you want to fill the text should be roughly as large as your finished product, otherwise you may lose quality by stretching it.

Add text to a simple color background

Ah, inspirational quote memes. How did humanity share wisdom before? The best background for your favorite quote might just be a simple color, especially if you want the words to pop. We’ve got a bunch of inspiration and tips to help you be the PicMonkeyer you wish to see in the world.

Tip: Don’t go too crazy with a ton of different fonts on the same graphic; one or two usually does the job. And you know about font pairing, right?

Turn inspiration into action. Join now, and treat yourself to the PicMonkey creative toolkit.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.