Typewriter Fonts

Typewriter Fonts fonts

A nostalgic nod to the pre-digital era, typewriter fonts range from distreseed and grungy to clean and taught lettforms. Browse PicMonkey's typewriter fonts and then give our text and design tools a whirl.

Carbon Type

CarbonType was scanned directly from letters produced by a Samsonite typewriter. There was no “1” on the machine, so a lowercase L was used in its place.

Cutive Mono

Cutive Mono is based on a number of classic typewriter fonts, in particular the faces of IBM's Executive typewriter, and its older Smith-Premier. In Cutive, these old faces re-emerge as webfonts that are useful for adding character to body texts as well as in larger sizes for headers and display.


Harting mimics a typewriter with a few crooked keys and a ribbon that's running out of ink. At low resolutions, smaller sizes of the fonts will appear merely crooked or a little jaggy; larger sizes or greater resolutions will approach the look of a typewriter that needs a new ribbon as well.

Kingthings Trypewriter

Kingthings Typewriter is inspired by a 90-year old typewriter with a sticky ribbon and spludgy letters. Its intentionally decayed look is a natural for retro designs.

Nixie One

Nixie One is a slab serif font that's a stylish update on vintage typewriter fonts. It works well for paragraph text, as it's highly legible.

Secret Type

Leaning heavily into distressed, eroded letterforms, this typewriter font lends a vintage charm to any design or print project.

Special Elite

With a jagged baseline and smudgy ink look, this font perfectly mimics the typefaces of older typewriters.

Underwood Champion

The Underwood company produced the first widely successful modern typewriters, starting around 1900. This font dutifully recreates an authentic-feeling replica of its characters.

1942 Report

1942 Report is an equidistant typeface designed by Johan Holmdahl to resemble the Makina Rough font with decayed letterforms. Particularly noteworthy are the numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 with descenders and 4, 6 and 8 with ascenders.

Moms Typewriter

Dutch type designer Christoph Mueller created this font in 1997 by scanning the alphabet typed on his mother's old typewriter. In faithfully recreating these letterforms, he made the font without a 0 or 1 because her typewriter didn't have them.

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