Crop Photos

PicMonkey’s easy-as-pie photo cropping tool lets you crop images online with handy presets, crop shapes, and more.

Crop images in all shapes and sizes

Crop like a pro

Our crop tool will help you resize images like a pro, and with precision. Learn cropping and resizing now.

Start cropping
Crop in a circle

Get well-rounded at cropping images into circles in just 4 easy steps with this tutorial.

Circle crop
Social cropping

Our crop presets are great for avatars and profile pics, and we’ve got a ton more helpful tips on mastering your social media profiles.

Social crop

How to crop pictures


Click Create new and open your image.


Click Crop canvas in the Edits tab.


Adjust crop handles or input pixel dimensions.


Click Apply to finish. You're done!

Crop photos for printing

Crop for resolution

Resizing your photos to print can be a big P.I.A., but use this handy article to learn how to make it easier on yourself in PicMonkey.

Crop for printing

You want to make sure that your pixels are going to print to the right inches, and in the right shape. Never miss a margin with our pixel-inch conversion chart.