Crop Pictures

PicMonkey’s easy-as-pie cropping tool lets you crop online with handy presets, crop shapes, and more.

Give your images the snip

When you need to crop pictures and photos, save time and do it right with PicMonkey. Our preset sizes make it a breeze and we’ve got tons of handy charts, tools, and tips to guide you

Crop presets

Our tool does the work for you with over 20 crop presets for common dimensions, aspect ratios, and destinations.
Ready, set, crop >

Crop in shapes

Think inside the box, or star, or heart, or even circle(!!) with Shape Cutouts, perfect for projects and designs.
Circle crop >

Social cropping

Our crop presets are great for avatars and profile pics, and we’ve got a ton more helpful tips on mastering your social media profiles.
Social crop >

Crop like you mean it

Crop for composition

Sometimes the only thing separating a bad photo from a great one is the cropping. Learn how to better compose your photos here.

Crop for printing

You want to make sure that your pixels are going to print to the right inches, and in the right shape. Never miss a margin with our pixel-inch conversion chart.