Crop Photos

PicMonkey’s easy and fast photo cropping tools let you crop photos online with preset sizes for print or social media. You can crop your photo into shapes, crop video, or try our powerful Smart Resize tool that lets you crop designs in bulk for all your social media channels.

How to crop photos in 4 easy steps

Sign up for free

Sign up for a free PicMonkey account. Try the photo editor and graphic design tools free for seven days, then decide if you want to continue monthly or save a few bucks with an annual subscription.

Open an image

Open a photo or video in PicMonkey. Upload your images to the editor, or simply drag and drop your pics from your desktop onto the browser window.

Crop photos

Adjust the crop box around your photo, choose your preset crop size, or input your own pixel dimensions for the exact right crop every time.

Apply and share

Click Apply to finish cropping your picture. Your work autosaves in our cloud storage so you can rest assured it'll be there when you need it. Download your pic, or share!

Smart Resize makes multiple versions fast

Design once, replicate endlessly

Turn your Instagram post into a Facebook ad, YouTube thumbnail, and a poster with a few clicks. Take a winning Pinterest pin and share it on every channel, sized-right. Our Smart Resize tool does all the work for you.

Crop photos into all shapes and sizes

Crop like a pro

Our crop tool will help you resize images like a pro, and with precision. Learn cropping and resizing now.

Crop in a circle

Get well-rounded at cropping images into circles in just 4 easy steps with this tutorial.

Crop for all the social media sizes

Crop your photos on the go with the PicMonkey mobile app. Offering way more features than your phone, the app lets you choose preset sizes perfect for social sharing.

Crop photos for printing

Crop for resolution

Resizing your photos to print can be a big P.I.A., but use this handy article to learn how to make it easier on yourself in PicMonkey.

Crop for printing

You want to make sure that your pixels are going to print to the right inches, and in the right shape. Never miss a margin with our pixel-inch conversion chart.

Crop video for social media

Our powerful video cropping feature is one of the easiest, fastest tools on the market for taking your video from rectangle to square, from square to rectangle, and then layering it into a design. We’ll show you how to crop video and then use it in your social media posts, plus which social media post types allow video, and which do not.

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