10 Email Signature Design Examples to Polish Your Online Presence

Whether you’re a tech-spert, tech-savvy, or stuck in the era of the beloved LG flip phone (RIP), there’s one thing we can all agree on: Sending emails is one of the most important business practices for optimal client engagement. Nothing screams productive like spewing out emails to clients and prospects, so having a sharp and consistent email signature design is crucial.

Check out some sweet email signature design examples below to maximize your online presence!

Internet-busting email stats

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First, let's drop some knowledge. Did you know that 4.2 billion email users will exist by the end of the year? And that on average, 306.4 billion emails are sent every day? And that among those 306.4 billion daily emails, each email user, on average, sends and receives 121 emails of them?

Whoa. So if you’re wondering whether or not emails are important, now you know.

Yet, if you’re the type of person with two email accounts designated to junk, you might be questioning this science. It’s true that nearly 85% – or 122.33 billion emails – are considered spam. It’s also true that only 21.33% of emails are opened.

Still, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing methods, so let’s get you an email signature design to ensure your emails are always received, opened, and responded to. Here are some primo ideas.

Slick email signature design examples

1. Font is fame

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

Good news! When it comes to your email signature design, you have countless font and color options to represent yourself with new and long-time clients.

Notice how this email signature design has three different fonts and complementary colors of varying shades. You can do a lot with just a few stylistic choices.

Once you choose your preferred fonts (or upload your own!), be intentional about sizing, bold type, italic, and capitalization choices for optimal impact.

Pro Tip: Feel free to play with abstractions, concepts, and symbolism. For example, here, notice how the line in the background serves to literally highlight the name to capture readers’ attention. How can you (literally) highlight yourself in either a bold or subtle way?

2. Be accessible

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

Similar to letterhead designs, email signatures are your closing stamp. You can also treat them as digital business cards. Whether or not you use a personal pic is up to you, but it’s wise to include the following things:

  • First and last name

  • Job title or position

  • Your email

  • Phone number

  • Website

  • Social media handles

Optional info may include:

  • Business location

  • Business logo

  • Fax number

  • Personal photo

  • Office hours or hours of availability

The goal is to make it effortless for recipients to contact you.

3. Colors for days

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

With a classic black-and-white headshot, it only makes sense to do it up with color! Colors are a marketing tactic in themselves, as we know they can influence client response, mood, energy, and behavior.

Pro Tip: Go ham on PicMonkey’s color gradients to find the perfect bi or tri-color blends for your email signature design. Use your intuitive right brain to land on the perfect combo.

4. Bare bones resume

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

Email signatures are the one and only place you want to pitch yourself accurately, yet sparingly. Consider it a bare-bones resume. Among limited space, how can you make a distinct impression? Which stylistic choices will ensure you come across as qualified, professional, and of interest?

In this example, the pastel paintbrush texture evokes a feeling of ease and elegance. Given that it’s for a brand exec, these choices make sense. Let your job title or position inspire your decisions in a way that will resonate with every client.

5. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, oh my!

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Notice the nuances in this email signature design. Instead of listing the word “phone,” followed by the number, or “email,” followed by the address, it just lists them as is. Similarly, instead of spelling out the Instagram handle, it embeds the icon.

Consider this short-hand lingo for the digital age. While there’s no wrong way to do it, question what makes the most sense for you and your clientele. Remember, limited space always magnifies the details.

6. Pro candid shots

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

If you decide to go with a photo, consider whether to use a headshot or candid pic. Photos of you in action are effective, as it provides a simulated experience for the recipient. You give folks an idea of what hiring you would look like.

Notice, too, how this pro pic inspires the font’s color scheme. If you’re lost in the eclectic sea of infinite fonts and colors, use a personal pic as your buoy. Let it anchor and focus your remaining stylistic choices.

7. Position on the page

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

A memorable email signature design makes the ordinary, extraordinary. How? First, draft up your basic info, fonts, and colors. Then, position them wisely to make ‘em pop. That’s it! It’s *almost* as easy as Ciara’s one-two step.

This sig intentionally overlaps text with the picture, creating a fusion or blending effect. Yet, the text and pic are separate enough to differentiate them.

Notice how the yellow text communicates with the other yellow text and the black with the black. Like any piece of art, you want to format every variable in a way that guides recipients to interpret it the way you intend.

8. Live your best logo life

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

Email signature designs are the last thing a reader sees before exiting your email. In our skimming culture, it’s too easy to ingest information without capturing the name attached to the source, so highlighting your name is massively important.

Unlike the other examples, you’ll see this email signature design emphasizes the logo and supporting fonts over any written information. Beyond the name and job title, we have square icons for social as well as the main graphic.

Consider which graphics make sense for your offerings; regardless of your profession, you, too, get to be your own email sig designer!

9. Embrace your creative license

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

This email signature design reminds us that it’s not only possible – but it’s critical – to be both professional and creative at the same time. While this pic isn’t a conventional headshot per se, it’s engaging, captivating, and prompts curiosity. Since there’s no direct info on Case + Co listed here, this sig ensures folks will explore the website further.

Feel free to use marketing tactics like this one and leave clients wanting more. Showing all of your cards at once may overwhelm, but mystery and curiosity promise further engagement.

10. Use loving language

Wanna strut your stuff with this design? Make it your own in PicMonkey!

In addition to the stand-out colors shown here, this email signature design does something subtle and sweet. In the three short phrases “See my work,” “Call me,” and “Emails go here,” there’s immediate access to personality. Know that every single detail you include creates an impression, so be intentional the whole way through.

For artists, writers, photographers, musicians, freelancers, and the like, it’s a good idea to pitch your website the way it is here. Prompting folks to observe your work is personal, inclusive, and it creates a no-pressure experience. It’s always strategic to empower prospective clients by letting them come to you.

Though email signature designs are found at the bottom of emails, don’t wait until then to introduce yourself! Repetition is key in effective email marketing practices, so make yourself known before you make yourself known, eh?

Ultimately, email signature designs are consistent branding tools to polish your online presence, leave strong impressions, and boost client engagement. To be an A+ marketer, you just need these three A’s: approachability, accessibility, and availability. Cover these bases and you’ll be well on your way. Happy designing!

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