Zombify Yourself with PicMonkey

Ahhh, October. There’s that familiar chill in the air, the aroma of pumpkin spice, and the low rumbling of the undead as they begin their annual search for fresh brains. Don’t be left out!

With PicMonkey, it’s easy to transform yourself into any number of ghoulish, ghastly, or grisly creatures, but today we’re going to focus on zombies. Check out this video tutorial to learn the basics of zombifying yourself, or skim the highlights below.

To start off, add a picture to PicMonkey that showcases your creepy pose. Hover over Edit and open the photo from a location of your choice—Facebook, your computer, Hub, you name it.Click Auto adjust in Basic Edits to get your picture in the best shape for metamorphasizing. To access all of our delightfully dark Halloween themes, click the cat icon to open the Themes tab.

For a dull, lifeless look, click the Zombulate button and paint the effect over your skin. Adjust the Fade slider and and use the eraser tool to take the effect off of places that you don’t want it. When it looks how you’d like it to, click Apply.

Here’s the PicMonkey-tested, zombie-approved method for eyes that look sunken and haunted: click Zombie Bruise and paint it on over the whole eye socket, then erase the part that covers the actual eyeball. Click Apply and add a second layer under the eye for a more realistic look. Feel free to add Zombie Bruise to other parts of the skin to give it more depth.

Add some gory Gashes & Slashes and make them look more realistic by erasing out parts that cover the eyeballs and mouth. Play around with the size and orientation of the graphics to get the look just right.

Add some finishing touches like Blood Spill and Veins and then polish the whole thing off with a terrifying texture. Pick the texture that you like best (or add your own) and then erase it off of your zombie to make it look like a background.

Are you genuinely terrified by how your zombie turned out? Keep the fun going by trying all six of our Halloween themes.

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Fabiola Millican is a social media marketer here at PicMonkey. When she's not creating wonders on PicMonkey.com, she's probably traveling, at the beach, or taking pictures somewhere.