You've Been Booed! Here's How to Take Part in the Tradition

You’ve Been Booed is an enormously popular tradition. If you haven’t heard of it, you totally know someone who has. For the uninitiated, here’s how it works:

You “Boo” people by secretly giving them a cute little ghost and a bag of treats or goodies. If you've been booed before, hooray! Now you’ve got a chance to pass on the fun to neighbors, friends, students, and co-workers. You bring the treats, we'll bring the designs. Here's how to quickly make a You've Been Booed printable using PicMonkey!

Make a You've Been Booed printable in 4 steps

  1. Open one of PicMonkey's Halloween templates.

  2. Write your message (spoiler: it'll probably be along the lines of, "You've been booed").

  3. Customize font type, and add some creepy graphics.

  4. Download and print.

1. Open a blank canvas in PicMonkey

Open a blank canvas in PicMonkey.

Select the blank canvas you want to use. All of our canvases come pre-sized for various uses; scroll down and find what you need, or use the size boxes in the top right corner to create a custom size. Just click Make it! after you've entered in your dimensions.

2. Customize your background

Once your canvas is open, it's time to customize. You have tons of options for your design background. Try out cool textures, add solid or gradient colors, or use an image (that's what we did in our example).

To add an image as your background:

  1. Click the Photos & Video tab on the left.

  2. Click Add photo or video, or search for a photo in our Shutterstock collection.

  3. Click and drag the image onto your canvas, then it'll become the background!

3. Add text & graphics

Learn more about Halloween themes.

You'll want to choose a spooktacular font for your message. Add some graphics if you like, too. We used Coolock Black from our Trick or Treat theme set (and in the next image you might notice a ghost graphic used somewhere...)

You'll find a ton of different Halloween themes in PicMonkey. Keep things light with Trick or Treat, or get a bit creepier with themes like Zombie, Vampier, Witch, and Day of the Dead.

In PicMonkey, just click Themes on the top toolbar and you'll be able to find all of the Halloween goodness (and a bunch of other stuff, if you're interested).

4. Download and print

After you're done designing, download for printing so that you can assemble your treats.

To download your design:

  1. Click Download in the right corner of the top toolbar.

  2. Download your design as a JPG, PNG, or PDF (a PicMonkey Pro feature).

  3. Print your design on durable paper or cardstock.

5 reasons to participate in You've Been Booed

Although You’ve Been Booed is pretty much a baby tradition, as these things go (the earliest our team of crack researchers could trace it back was to the mid-90s), it’s got all the markers of a holiday staple.

  1. You give out goodies! If there’s one thing we love about the holidays, it’s delicious foodstuffs, so we’re in favor of any tradition that maximizes your snackage.

  2. It’s wholesome fun that gets you and your family mingling with the neighbors. Well, okay, running up to their doors with your Boo bags, ringing the bell, and running away, but remember when neighbors used to bring each other jello molds and casseroles? This is a way better version of that.

  3. It has its very own lyrical ode, à la “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” in the form of a Halloween “Boo” poem. You know it’s a legit tradition when people talk about it in rhyme.

  4. Some have called You’ve Been Booed the chain letter of trick-or-treating, but participation isn’t required, or even expected—it’s just a nice way to add sweetness to people’s days on Halloween.

  5. You can Boo as many people as you want. The standard number is two, but we have it on good authority that some Halloween heroes Boo many more than that to spread the spook far and wide. And remember: if you haven’t been booed yet, now’s your chance to kick off the tradition!

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