Halloween clip art and spooky fonts

Give your pics a scare with super high-quality graphics and to-die-for fonts.

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Bwah-ah-ah! PicMonkey’s your go-to image editor for all your Halloween needs. Combine pumpkin clip art, Halloween fonts, and a Halloween border for free!

Make your images spooookier

Whether you crave scream-worthy Halloween pictures or a pumpkin patch of printable crafts, PicMonkey’s your go-to image editor.

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Cut a dashing pumpkin

Download PicMonkey’s free pumpkin carving stencils for your jack-o-lantern, and follow our tips for carving it right. You’ll be good to glow!

Bada-bing, bada-boo >

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Supremely creepy graphics

Our Halloween overlays are better than clip art: since many are vector graphics, you can make ’em as big or small as you want while preserving ghoulishly good image quality.

Drop some overlays >

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Frightful fonts

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you—though with PicMonkey’s Halloween fonts, they might scare the pants off you.

Trick or text >

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So many options

Whatever your dream (or nightmare), we’ve got Halloween graphics for you. Trawl our Halloween themes for bats, tombstones, partyin’ monsters, and sugar skulls.

Explore our eerie options >

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Print DIY Halloween invites

Boring Halloween clip art? Not at your party. Make eyeball-popping Halloween party invitations with spiderscauldrons, and outrageous horror fonts.

Get spooky >

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Transform into a witch

Get your profile pic in the spirit with our Halloween photo effects. Transform into a witch, zombie, vampire, or demon to terrify and delight your friends.

Be a witchy witch >

Decorate Your website or blog for Halloween

Show off your Halloween spirit and spookify your website or blog with PicMonkey’s overlays, fonts, and effects! Get inspired with this video tutorial.

Set the scene with eerie Halloween overlays

Take an ordinary photo into the spine-tingling dimension with photorealistic graveyard textures and overlays. Cats, bats, ghosts, and more are waiting to frighten your images, too.

Make a frightful Halloween photo in 4 steps:

  1. Suffuse it with gloom using a Halloween photo effect.
  2. Say dreadful things in a DRIPPY, BLOOD-SOAKED font (or a spidery, scripty font, or a witchful, wondrous font … you get it).
  3. Rats? Spiders? Ravens? Compound the creepies.
  4. Get it dreary with cobwebs and call it done!