How to Decorate Your Website or Blog for Halloween

How to Decorate Your Website or Blog for Halloween
October 11, 2016 Fabiola Landa

Keep the happy in “Happy Halloween”! What better way to show your spooky spirit than decorating your blog, website, or social media profile? It’s your space, give it some luvvvv. When your neighbors start bringing out the spiderwebs and pumpkins, that’s your greenlight for online decorating. Here’s whatcha gotta know to have the cutest virtual Halloween decorations on the block.


If you want your site to look festive without going full Halloween Superstore, it totally can. Recreate your designs in PicMonkey and keep your branded vibe, adding just a hint of Halloween-ness. For some graphic design help, check out this video tutorial for all things blog.

Change your background

Applying graphics to a blank canvas is the easiest way to get a Halloween-y image background (and the cutest). Pick one, or two … or three, and spread them all over. For consistency in color, shape, and size, right-click on your graphic and select Duplicate Graphic. Continue doing that and your canvas will soon be background-ready.

Social media icons

Making your icons ah-dor-ah-ble will almost guarantee your page visitors will click on ‘em. So get decorative and make them pumpkin-shaped. It’s an easy-peasy and subtle change to your page that will spooky it up!

Speaking of social media—have you thought about making your profile picture a zombified version of yourself? Well check out this tutorial to learn how!

Happy, happy, happy Halloween!

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Fabiola Landa
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