Halloween Decorations for Your Website or Blog

Halloween Decorations for Your Website or Blog
October 23, 2018 PicMonkey

Want to keep the happy in “Happy Halloween?” What better way to show your spooky spirit than using Halloween decorations in your blog, website, or social media profile? Your neighbors have probably started throwing spiderwebs and pumpkins all over their houses, so it’s a good time to start some online decorating. Here are some tips for creating the cutest (or most terrifyingly evil — your call) virtual Halloween design on the block.

If you want to brush up on general graphic design before changing your page around, check out this video tutorial for all things blog.

Blog headers

The header is a great place to set a seasonal tone for your blog or website. You can do something as subtle as changing the font, or go the other direction and give your site a complete makeover.

Starting with a blank canvas gives you a lot of creative freedom. Set custom dimensions in the upper right of the Templates page.

Add a background image or two (or eight). These can be anything you want — items from our Graphics or Themes tabs, photos you’ve taken, images from your Hub, whatever. Move these around, edit them, and duplicate them to get just the look you want. When it’s looking sufficiently frightening, flatten it on the Layers palette. This will keep you from accidentally moving something when you’re adding text.

Speaking of text, we’ve got curated folders of fonts that will help you zero in on the Halloween look you want. Peruse the offerings in the Day of the Dead, Witches, Vampires, Zombies, Demons, and Trick or Treat themes. We love Arial, but there’s a time and a place, right? Once you’ve chosen a font, type your blog heading. Put it where you want it, make some tweaks on the Text palette, and you’re all set.

Page background

Applying graphics to a blank canvas is the easiest way to get a Halloweeny background. Pick one or more graphics and move them all over. For consistency in color, shape, and size, right-click on your graphic and select “Duplicate layer.” This will paste a copy of your graphic onto your canvas that you can move wherever you’d like. Then rotate or tweak them until your canvas is as horrifying or cute as you like.

About me

How long have you been using the same About Me pic? That’s too long. It is in need of a tweak at the very least. Simple changes like adding an effect, cropping, changing a frame, and rotating it can totally spice it up.  

But since we’re talking Halloween, float on over to the Themes tab and give your pic some creature features. Seriously, you would look great as a zombie.

Social media icons

Making your social icons festive will totally tie your design together. This could be something as easy as changing their color, but if you’d like to get slightly more ambitious, you can alter the whole look. It’s an easy change that will pumpkin up your page and set it apart from others:

  1. Open a blank canvas, click Background Color, and set the background color to Transparent.
  2. In the Trick or Treat theme, click a Halloween graphic, like a pumpkin.
  3. Click a social icon from the Business Graphics group.
  4. Resize and recolor the icon so it matches the pumpkin.
  5. If the Layers palette isn’t open, click the three square pancakes in the lower toolbar. Then click the Flatten all layers icon in the lower left of the Layers palette.
  6. Using the Crop tool, crop the canvas so it’s only slightly larger than your new icon.
  7. Pat yourself on the back. Nice work!

Speaking of social media—have you thought about making your profile picture a zombified version of yourself? We sure have. Check out this tutorial to learn how!

Happy Halloween!



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