Kick off the Season of Spook with Halloween Projects

Come on, admit it: you’ve waited all year for Halloween. It’s a chance to get silly, get scared, and change into someone else for just one day. It’s why we have six—six!—entire themes devoted to Halloween: Vampires, Zombies, Witches, Demons, Day of the Dead, and Trick or Treat. These themes are curated collections of fonts, graphics, textures, and effects that make designing in PicMonkey scary easy.

If you’re having a party or want to create Halloween greeting cards or crafts, PicMonkey’s got your back. Here are some samples to get your blood curdling:

Our Halloween photo effects amplify your amusingly macabre messages. Choose a gothic font like Gypsy Curse to call up a vampire vibe. The Zombies theme has quite a few fonts that positively drip with whatever color you choose. Red for blood, green for laboratory ooze, beige for … yuk.

Don’t forget all the things you can do to season the room with goods and goodies at your Halloween party. It’s easy to make graphics for cupcake toppers, goodie bags, and food labels (a surprising number of ghouls eat gluten-free). The Trick or Treat theme is especially loaded with the classic lighter-side-of-Halloween graphics, like pumpkins, spiders, creepy critters, and the dreaded candy corn. The treat bag label above features a Potion Label graphic and fonts from the Witches theme.

As horrifying as the 1970s were (or so we’re told), haunted houses are generally visited by older spirits, so our ghostly ghosts are from the 1800s, man! Find Phantom graphics in the Demon theme. Frame them with antique-y Potion Labels from our Witch theme, drop them in an otherwise festive template, and you’ve set the mood for a haunted house party. Lots of stately, yesteryear fonts are in the Witch and Day of the Dead themes.

Sometimes you’ve gotta go for red hot horror. The star of this card—blood—runs cold and bold in our Crackle and Ooze textures from the Zombies theme. For adding smaller bits of blood to faces and clothing, you’ll find Blood Drops, Blood Spill, and Blood Splatters graphics in both the Zombies theme and the Vampires theme.

If you’re celebrating Day of the Dead, or you’re just digging these lovely illustrative designs for your photo or project, feast your eye sockets on our Day of the Dead theme. And even though most of the graphics are  monochromatic, you can swap those colors for any that you like. And have a look at all the Day of the Dead inspiration on our Pinterest board.

There’s no need to pack up these graphics and fonts after the pumpkins have been composted. They’re just too wickedly fun to not reuse in other designs. Unless you’re scared. You’re not scared, are you? You look scared.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.