Make Killer Halloween Party Invitations the Easy Way

Make Killer Halloween Party Invitations the Easy Way

Good news, Halloween party planners—PicMonkey’s design templates are here! Which means you can create a spookylicious invite for your last-minute bash faster than you can say “Double, double, toil and trouble.” And you should, because receiving a plain old email or text message party announcement is kind of like getting a toothbrush while you’re out trick-or-treating: disappointing, and totally unfestive.

Don’t be the person who gives out toothbrushes. Our templates are ready-made and waiting for you, so you can get the word out about your get-together in style. Take them as-is or customize away; all of our templates work with our editing tools, so you can change everything from fonts to colors to graphics wicked fast.

How to use PicMonkey’s new design templates:

  1. Hover over Design on the PicMonkey homepage and click Templates.
  2. Find a template you adore, then click Customize to open it in the Editor.
  3. Customize away by swappin’ out colors, adding photos and overlays, changing fonts, using effects, etc.
  4. Save your masterpiece to your computer or add it to Hub.

Now that you’ve got the skinny, let’s take a look at a few of our Halloween party invitation templates, along with a couple customization tips for each. If the design you adore happens to be Premium, sign up for our week-long free trial and it’ll be allllll yours (along with our premium overlays, photo editing tools, fonts, textures, and more).

Blood Bash

Customize this bloody Halloween party invitation template in PicMonkey.

If horror flicks are your favorite part of the Halloween season, Blood Bash is the invitation template for you. Gore it up even more with Blood Drops, Blood Splatters, gnarly Gashes & Slashes, or a creepy texture in the Zombies theme.

Jackie O

Customize this cute jack-o-lantern Halloween party invite in PicMonkey.

If you’ll be slicing up gourds at your Halloween soiree, the Jackie O template is oh-so apropos. If you’re not feeling this face, find other options in the Pumpkins overlay group, located in the Trick or Treat theme.

After you’ve picked a new pumpkin, click the color bar on the Overlay palette and your cursor will turn into an eyedropper. Grab the orange color from the bar at the bottom of the template, and boom! Perfect color matching.

If you’re looking for something non-pumpkiny to fill the space, check out the totes adorbs options in Ghoulies, also located in the Trick-or-Treat theme.


Customize this bat-covered Halloween party invitation template in PicMonkey.

Send chills up the spines of your guests-to-be with the creepy skyscape in the MMMBats! template. You can easily make your moon feel more ominous with an effect like Radiance, Spotlight, or Dusk (in the Effects tab). Click the moon, and play with the blend modes in the drop-down menu on the Overlay palette to give it different looks.

More into birds than bats? Swap them out with the winged beasts in Voracious Ravens, located in the Witches theme.

Ouija Come Over

Change the canvas color and customize this Halloween party invitation as you please with PicMonkey's tools.

Every Halloween dinner party needs two things: a frightening invite, and a cauldron punch bowl with a block of dry ice. Pick a color—any color!—and alter the Ouija Come Over invite as you please.

Click Canvas Color in the Basic Edits tab to change the border color, and use the options in the Overlay palette to change the background color of the center section. We also have plenty of spooky fonts to help you say what you wanna say, in a cute or creepy way.

Nine Lives

Customize this regal Halloween party invitation in PicMonkey.

Your party will be the cat’s me-ow with the Nine Lives invite. Swap out the scrolly corners with other options in Corners (Basic Edits tab) or Cursed Corners (Witches theme). If you do swap out the corners, here are a couple tips to get them in the just-right spots: use the arrows on your keyboard to make subtle movements, and straighten them up by right-clicking and then clicking Straighten.

If cats aren’t your bag, check out the ghostly graphics in the Demons theme—the Phantoms are especially spooky.

Beyond invitations

Complete customizability means that our party invitation templates can be changed up however you want—in fact, they don’t even have to be party invitations at all. Here are a few ideas on how to shapeshift these invites into other Halloween ephemera:

  • Make menu cards. You guests are probably gonna want to know what they’re ingesting—especially the vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free peeps. Display buffet info in a fun way by transforming our Halloween party invitation templates into menu cards.
  • Dress up goodie bags. Pick a template and sub out party info for a cute Halloween message, or goody bag recipient’s name. Print, grab some paper lunch sacks and a glue stick, and your festive bags are ready to be filled with treats.
  • Boo others. If your coworkers or neighbors are into the You’ve Been Booed treat-trading tradition, our templates can be used as adorable party pack additions, or signs to let others know you’ve already been hit. (Want more ready-made stuff? We’ve also got some neato printables for all you boo-ers).
  • Jazz up your doors. Make your party theme match your invitations by turning these invitation templates into signage. Quickly give guests need-to-know info—like where to find the bathroom, whether or not to knock on the front door, or where the grub is—by hanging a few well-designed signs on your walls and/or doors.


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