Make Killer Halloween Invitations the Easy Way

Good news, party and event planners — PicMonkey’s Halloween templates are here to help you create monsterrific invites faster than you can say “Double, double, toil and trouble.” Sure, you could send a just-the-facts text or completely boring email about your party, but doing that is like giving toothbrushes or raisins to trick-or-treaters. That’s not who you want to be, trust us. So get ready to scare this place up.

Our Halloween templates are ready-made and waiting for you, so you can spread the word about your shindig in style. Take them as-is or customize away; all of our templates work with our editing tools, so you can change everything from fonts to colors to graphics wicked fast.

Quick steps for making  Halloween invitations:

  1. Go to PicMonkey and click Templates in the top navigation bar.

  2. Type “Halloween” in the Search templates bar, find a template that speaks to your inner ghoul, and click Customize.

  3. Swap out colors, add photos and graphics, change fonts, etc.

Your changes are automatically saved to your Hub so you can come back anytime and edit your design.

Now that you’ve got the skinny, let’s take a closer look at how to make Halloween party invitations by customizing our templates, using a few of our faves.

Change the font

Try our Halloween Masquerade Card template.

One easy way to change the vibe of a Halloween party invitation template is to swap out the font. You’ll find seasonal fonts that range from scary to sweet-as-Halloween-candy in the Text tab. To change up your font, highlight the text, then click the fonts you want to try out.

Pro tip: You can also snazzify your words even more with the controls on the Text palette, which is where you’ll find text effects like drop shadow and curved text. And if you want to create unusual or subtle looks, experiment with game-changers like Glitter (Textures tab), Sculpt (Touch Up tab), and Pixelate (Effects tab) — depending on the font and the effect, you can get some distinctive results.

Choose a new background color

Try our Masquerade Cat template.

To make a big change with minimal effort, swap out the background color on your template. To change the background color, head to Edits and choose Background Color under Canvas Edits. Use the color picker to choose a new hue, or type in the hex code for a color you already know you adore.

Pro tip: Sometimes a template’s background is made up of a solid color, or both a graphic and solid background color as seen here in our Shark vs Avocado template. To see what’s up with your template’s background, tap the Layers button in the bottom toolbar to see the Layers palette. It’ll display all of your image elements in a handy list.

Go nuts with graphics

Try our Halloween Fun Run Flyer template.

Our templates include tons of appropriately spooky graphics to monster up your Halloween party invitations. If you want to add more or change them up, click the Graphics tab (geometric shapes icon), and scroll down to the Holidays section. Or click the Themes tab (apple icon) and choose some from any of the Halloween themes.  Plus, you can easily add your own graphics by clicking Add your own at the top of the Graphics tab menu.

Pro tip: If you have a graphic you love and want more copies of it on your canvas, right-click it and choose Duplicate layer.

Use your own photos

Try our Night of Fright Flyer template.

To swap an image on a template with one of your own, click the image, then click Replace on the Graphic palette. You can open images from your computer or your Hub. Click your image, and it’ll automatically open in the template. You can use the Crop tool in the Erase tab of the Graphic palette to determine which parts of the image will be visible. Get the deets in our graphics video tutorial.

Match colors with the eyedropper

Try our Howlin at the Moon template.

The Eyedropper takes the guesswork out of color matching — no more looking up hex values or crossing your fingers and hoping that those reds actually match. Just click the graphic, then click one of the color dots at the top of the Graphic palette that appears. Click the eyedropper icon (it shows above the color spectrum) and click the area of your image that has the color you want — boom! Color matching complete. To use the eyedropper on text, click the text layer in the Layers palette and do your thang with the eyedropper.

Printing Halloween party invitations

Wanna go old school and make an invitation you can actually hand someone, or maybe even put a stamp on (Do not ask what a stamp is. Just don’t.)? Before you send your design out for printing or fire up that inkjet, get the lowdown on everything from how pixels affect print size to monitor calibration in our photo printing article. You can also make sure your dimensions are on point with our handy pixels/inches conversion chart and resize tool before printing your invitations on high-quality flat cards in the PicMonkey Print Shop.

Beyond invitations

Complete customizability means that our party invitation templates can be changed up however you want — in fact, they don’t even have to be party invitations at all. Here are a few ideas on how to shapeshift these invites into other Halloween ephemera:

  • Make menu cards. Your guests are probably gonna want to know if there’s any gluten, dairy, eye of newt, or meat in those chafing dishes. Display buffet info in a fun way by transforming our Halloween party invitation templates into menu cards.

  • Dress up goody bags. Pick a template and switch out party info for a cute Halloween message or goody bag recipients’ names. Print ‘em up, grab some paper lunch sacks and a glue stick, and your festive bags are ready to be filled with treats.

  • Boo others. If your coworkers or neighbors are into the You’ve Been Booed treat-trading tradition, our templates can be used as adorable party pack additions, or signs to let others know you’ve already been hit. Want more ready-made stuff? We’ve also got some neato printables for all you boo-ers.

  • Jazz up your doors. Make your party theme match your invitations by turning these templates into signage. Quickly give guests need-to-know info — like where to find the bathroom, whether or not to knock on the front door, or where the grub is — by hanging a few well-designed signs on your walls and/or doors.

Let’s do this thing! Get a PicMonkey subscription and make wow-worthy invites right now.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.