Spooky Halloween Photo Editor

Spooky zombie photo using the zombie design bundle in picmonkey

Give your pics a scare with super high-quality graphics and to-die-for fonts. Check out all our freaky design themes: Zombie, Vampire, Witch, Day of the Dead, or stay cute with Trick or Treat.

Spooky zombie photo using the zombie design bundle in picmonkey

Make your images super spooky

how to dress up your website or social media for halloween
Decorate your social media for Halloween

Show your spooky spirit and put the “happy” in “Happy Halloween” when you dress up your blog, website, or social media profile for the holiday.

browse all kinds of halloween clip art and graphics -- spiders, jack o lanterns, witches, skulls, candy and more
Halloween clip art & stickers

No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween—creepy or cute-style—we've got graphics for you to decorate your social media, e-cards or whatever you like with spooky clip art.

so many spooky halloween fonts for all your halloween design projects
13 Frightful fonts

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you—though our Halloween fonts might scare the pants off you.

Send a ghouly greeting with Halloween card templates

Say a socially-distant "Happy Halloween" from afar with an e-card template or make something fun for your Facebook stories. Celebrate the best of autumn—from falling leaves to carving pumpkins to spooky movies—with our Halloween templates.

Browse Templates for Halloween
Wicked Halloween photo editing and effects

Make a wicked Halloween photo in 4 steps:

  1. Pop your photo into the PicMonkey Editor.

  2. Suffuse it with gloom using a Halloween photo effect.

  3. Say dreadful things in a DRIPPY, BLOOD-SOAKED font (or a spidery, scripty font, or witchful, wondrous fonts … you get it).

  4. Rats? Spiders? Ravens? Compound the creepy clip art.

  5. Get it dreary with cobwebs and call it done.

Wicked Halloween photo editing and effects

More fun and freaky Halloween projects

Halloween stickers on your phone in the PicMonkey app
Halloween stickers on your phone

Download the PicMonkey app for a frightfully fun array of Halloween and fall stickers and clip art to add to all your designs on the go.

DIY Halloween invites
DIY Halloween invites

We might not be hosting parties or haunted houses in 2020 (this year is scary enough), but why not send an invite for a virtual shindig? Murder mystery game, anyone??

turn your photos into a zombie
Zombify your profile pic

Our Halloween photo effects and photo-realistic graphics are so grossly real-looking that your friends will definitely think you're the living dead.