Say ‘I Do’ to These Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the evolution of the wedding guest book. This staple of nuptial celebrations has metamorphosed from a generic square page holder to a shape-shifting display of creative brilliance.

Witness the transformation yourself, with these alternative wedding guest book ideas. Once you find the one that’s right for you, promise to love, honor, and cherish it. Or maybe just take a look at it once in awhile and relive the joy of your first day as a married couple.

Arbor ardor

The classic initials-carved-in-a-tree romantic gesture has been remixed into a wedding guest book idea with a rustic vibe. Use fonts and graphics to create something with style, then print your masterpiece and round up a piece of wood (palettes are a popular option). The beloved decoupage medium Mod Podge can help you seal your design to the wood before you seal the deal with your spouse.

Thumbs up

Keep a record of your wedding attendees with a delightfully simple thumbprint guest book alternative. Create a poster using your favorite photos, effects, graphics, fonts, or whatever else gets your creative wheels turning. Set out ink pads in a killer color scheme and a few pens, then let your guests channel their inner Ed Emberley. Just don’t forget the wet wipes, or risk an inky finger/formal attire fiasco.

Sweet shapes

Crop your favorite image into a shape to create a guest non-book that’s both fun and frameable. How do you crop an image into a shape other than a square, you ask? Check out Shape Cutouts in the Frames tab, and you’ll be all done in approximately six clicks. If you don’t see the form of your dreams there, follow the steps in this text masking tutorial to whip your image into any shape you like.

Go for graphics

Give your guests something stunning to scrawl their names on by designing a piece of graphic art. Want roses, branches, birds, hearts, even an anchor or two? Find them all in the Graphics tab, or click Your own and bring in any image your lil’ loved-crazed heart desires. For this look, we used Vintage Blossoms and jazzed ’em up with selection from Labels.

Don’t forget the date

Avoid missing anniversaries with a signing space that displays the date of your “I do’s” as well as your guests’ John Hancocks. Open your photos (those engagement shots, perhaps?) in Collage and use the Ducks in a Row layout to line ‘em up just right. Click Edit in the top toolbar to open your collage in the Editor, where you can add the numerals that make up your wedding date.

Mad love

This amusing way to keep track of attendees only requires text, a sense of humor, and a few ____s.  Start with a blank canvas in Design, and add your text, one line at a time. Apply just enough patience to line all of your elements up, and presto! You’re ready for printing.

Tips: To make sure each line of text goes to the full width of the graphic, grab a corner handle and let the font size change as you drag the text box to the left and then the right margin. When you’ve got the line width perfect, you can adjust vertical placement by using up and down arrows on your keyboard. For horizontal lines, use a rectangular Geometric graphic, and skinny it up so it’s just a few pixels high. Boom! To make an empty box for drawing, choose a rectangle in Geometric, and change Color 2 on the palette to Transparent.

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