Transform Into a Scary Clown—Just in Time for Halloween!

Feeling IT-spiried lately? We can’t blame you. Demons might be dreadful and witches wicked—still there’s nothing quite like a clown to send you into a righteous fit of terror. While we don’t have a Theme dedicated to horrifying, unnatural clowns yet, they’re still plenty easy to make in the PicMonkey Editor. Start with a portrait then just take a dash from the witches theme and add a whole lot of demon and voila! You’re on your way to the stuff of nightmares.

1. Open your image in the Editor

Grab a nice, normal looking photo of yourself or one of your friends and drag it onto the PicMonkey homepage, in either the “Drop image to edit” box or the “Drop image to touch up” box. Good pictures to use have the subject looking at the camera, giving you easy access to all the different parts of their face. Using the slider in the bottom toolbar, zoom in to get started.

Head to the Themes tab—the icon that’s second to the bottom in the editing panel. It changes seasonally, but around Halloween time it looks like a ‘fraidy cat.

2. Apply the base makeup

Open the Demons theme and select Harrowing Hue. Click the box with the white color and adjust your brush size. Paint the color onto the whole face and any other skin that’s showing.

Once your image is looking sufficiently ashen, click the eraser icon and erase over the eyes and mouth, and any hair that you might have accidentally painted.

When you’re satisfied with how it looks, click Apply.

3. Add some red details

This is where the clown really starts to come out. Open up Harrowing Hue again and make sure the red color is selected.

Adjust your brush size and carefully trace over the lips. Add two thin lines, starting from the forehead and going across the middle of the eye and eventually connect them back to the ends of the mouth. Lastly, paint over the tip of the nose and over the hair (if you’re going for the Ronald McDonald sort of look). If you painted over the eyeballs or accidentally strayed out of the lines anywhere you can always go back over it with the eraser.

Once you’re happy with how it looks, click Apply.

Tip: To get an even darker (read: blood) red, trace over where you applied it originally with another layer.

4. Apply creepy eyes

Head over to the Zombies theme and open Corpse Eyes. Any of these peepers will do, but we’re especially fond of the bloodshot orange one. Click it (or one of the others) to add it to the canvas. Pull one of the corner handles in to make it smaller and use the Fade slider on the Graphic palette to make it more transparent.

Click and drag it over one of your subject’s pupils, and resize until the spooky eye fits exactly over the subject’s pupil. Turn the Fade slider all the way down and then click the Eraser button in the Graphic palette. Use the eraser to get rid of any parts that spill outside the eyelid.

Do the same thing with the other pupil.

5. Taint those pearly whites

This step is optional, depending on whether or not your special clown has his mouth open. If so, open Tooth Decay and paint it on over the teeth. Use the eraser if you go outside the lines and adjust the Fade slider to make it more or less awful.

6. Add some dark shadows

Mosey on down to the Vampires theme and open up Dark Shadows. Paint it around the eyes and adjust the Strength slider. Click Apply when you like how it looks.

Tip: This is another effect that looks extra spooky when you layer it on.

7. Don’t forget—eyebrows frame the whole face

We’ve told you this before, but don’t forget about the eyebrows! Head back to Harrowing Hue in the Demons theme and this time pick the black color. Paint it in a thin arch well above the actual eyebrow and connect it to the top of your red lines. Fade it a bit to get the desired effect.

Bonus: If you want to fade the actual eyebrows a bit more, head to the Graphics tab (the butterfly icon) and select a rectangle from the Geometric graphic group. Turn the color white and place it over the eyebrow. Fade it a bit and erase the edges with a soft eraser. Turn the Blend Mode to Screen and then do the same with the other side.

8. Last step! Darken the background

Back in Harrowing Hue, select the black color. Paint it everywhere except the face and adjust the Fade slider until it looks just right. We like “suddenly appears in your bedroom when you thought you were alone, his face gently emerging from the shadows”, but go with your own definition of “just right.”

Afraid yet?

Ready to unlock scary-good image editing? Try PicMonkey today.

Tanya is a copywriter at PicMonkey, a company that has greatly improved her life by allowing her to Zombify her friends and Santa-ify her enemies. A native Seattleite, she dreams of one day being a contestant on The Price Is Right.