7 Easy Projects for Easier Homeschooling

To all the caregivers and students of all ages working and/or learning at home, it’s pop-quiz time! Are you:

A. Homeschooling from work

B. Working from homeschool

C. Schooling on homework

D. Doing school work from home

E. I don't even know, why are you making me take a quiz??

Whether you chose one or you chose all five, any way you slice it this shelter-in-place, rollercoaster-of-a-year life is hard, and you have the empathy of all the PicMonkey parents. We feel you. 

So here, have these printable and DIY homeschooling resources we made that will hopefully make all of our WFH lives a little less WTF.

Worksheets for math, science, geography and more

Browse all the worksheets to customize, or use them as-is!

Worksheets are a great way to fill up a part of your kids’ homeschool day, and it's super easy to make unique ones in PicMonkey using our worksheet templates, graphics, fonts, and stock photos. You can tailor them specifically to your child’s interests and to their educational level.

The worksheets you make in PicMonkey remain in editable layers in our cloud-based storage system so you can return to them again and again to modify with new info, and to quickly print out more. 

Read the worksheet tutorial article here: 10 DIY Homeschool Worksheet Ideas

Daily planner, calendar, & schedule templates

Find this family schedule template and many more in the Planner Templates category 

Be sure to check out our collection of schedule and calendar templates to help organize your family's daily tasks, weekly activities, and school subjects. Or just to figure out who gets to use the strong internet signal and when. Customize any of these templates with your own words, colors, photos, or graphics.

Read more: 6 Ways to Use PicMonkey Calendar Templates

Celebrate moments big & little with certificates

These days getting everyone to bed after feeding, schooling, working, and everything else is for sure a major accomplishment and deserves some kind of award. Plus, we could all use more celebratory moments right now. Celebrate your family or friends or neighbors with a certificate of appreciation, completion, or create a gift certificate to hand out as a prize/incentive.

For instance, “The bearer of this certificate has earned one hour of video games!” Or, "This certifies that you're the best mom ever and whenever you hang this on your bedroom door nobody can bother you!" (That's a thing, right?)

Make your own coloring pages

Pro tip: To make letters that are perfect for coloring in, choose a chunky font like Arial Black, then apply Outline + Knockout from the Effects tab on the Text palette

Browse our enormous graphics library and use it as your very own DIY coloring page maker. Our vector graphics allow you to stretch them as big as you wanna without losing any resolution, which is great for creating a standard-size printer paper 8.5 x 11 inch coloring sheet. 

  1. Choose a blank canvas to start

  2. Add graphics like animals, flowers, sea creatures, foods, or abstract shapes

  3. If you want to add text, go for it! 

  4. Download and print

For more detailed instructions on making coloring pages in PicMonkey, please see this tutorial: Make an Adult Coloring Book in PicMonkey.

Create your own sticker sheets

We are kinda obsessed with our graphics, in case you haven’t noticed, and for good reason, too—our amazing designers actually hand draw a lot of what’s on offer. On top of that we’re constantly sourcing new graphic sets which means we add new graphics all the time for you to use. 

If you have sticky label paper lying around, put it to good use by making your own stickers. Simply arrange as many as you like on a blank canvas and then print. 

Pro tip: use the Alignment palette to help line up the graphics evenly on your canvas

DIY a school picture collage

It’s entirely up to you if you wanna remember this year or not, but if you feel like you do (I mean, it IS historic!) then create your own yearbook using the new and improved collage tool to collect your pics. Access the collage tool and dozens of layouts from the left tabs, drag and drop your photos or videos into the cells, adjust the borders and corner roundness, then add graphics and text—boom, Jostens has got nothing on you!

Learn all about using our flexible and fabulous collage tool: How to Create Epic Collages

Make a memorable senior yearbook ad

Wanna learn about making gorgeous senior yearbook ads? We got you covered on that project too. Check out: How to Design a Senior Yearbook Ad and Design Ideas

Explore what else you can do in PicMonkey: use our reshape photo tools, make a color splash image, or get fresh ideas for your Instagram backgrounds!

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Sarah Gonzales

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