10 DIY Homeschool Worksheet Ideas

Worksheets are a great way to fill up a part of your kids’ homeschool day, and it's super easy to make unique ones in PicMonkey using our worksheet templates, graphics, fonts, and stock photos. You can tailor them specifically to your child’s interests and to their educational level. The worksheets you make in PicMonkey remain in editable layers in our cloud-based storage system so you can return to them again and again to modify with new info, and to quickly print out more. 

This article will show you how to create a worksheet for school-aged children in PicMonkey, plus offer ideas for ten additional worksheets. They are all sized to fit an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper when printed out. Use the ideas below to create your own from scratch, making them easier/harder depending on your child’s needs. Or use our pre-made templates that are ready to go!

How to make a worksheet with graphics & text

Customize this worksheet template in PicMonkey.

Use a combination of graphics and text to create a fill-in-the-blank worksheet like this one. You can click the worksheet above and it will open as a template in PicMonkey — go ahead and customize it as you like. If you'd prefer to make a worksheet from scratch, follow the steps below and we'll show you how to do it.

1. Open a blank canvas

Open a blank canvas and select either an 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 8.5 canvas, depending on whether you want your final printed worksheet to be in portrait or landscape orientation.

2. Turn on alignment grid

By clicking the grid icon in the bottom toolbar, you will launch the Alignment palette. Set the number of rows and columns to divide your canvas into evenly spaced areas. This will help you to line up your graphics, or any other elements you add to your worksheet design like text or photos.

3. Choose & add graphics

Click the Graphics tab on the left tab column, and browse the categories and subcategories to find ones you like. Choose graphics and add them to your worksheet. We used the Fruits & Veggies set within the Food & Drink category. Drag the handles of a graphic's bounding box to size it just right.

4. Add text

Click the Text tab. Click Add text to add a text box to your design and open the Text Tools menu on the left. Type inside the text box, paying attention to the letter spacing to leave enough room for your child to write in their answers. Copy/paste the text box and align under each graphic, then click inside each text box to type the different word clues.

5. Download & print

When your worksheet is complete, click Download on the top toolbar and select the file type you prefer. Pro subscribers can download files as PDFs. Otherwise, download your design as a JPG or PNG. (Note: you cannot print directly from PicMonkey.)

More ideas for worksheets

Let your imagination go as wild as your homeschooled children when making new worksheets. Try combinations of stock photos, text, graphics, shapes, numbers — really anything you think will be engaging enough to get those kiddos focused for a few minutes here and there.

Matching worksheets

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

This super simple worksheet is just aligning graphics on one side of the worksheet, and words on the other side. Try with US states from our graphics collection under Travel & Transport, or use vegetables, animals, shapes, or even iconic world landmarks.

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Reading and writing practice worksheets

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Create a fun writing worksheet using text tools and line graphics. Use the Alignment palette to line up graphics, text, and lines for writing answers.

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

You can also create a worksheet with writing prompts to encourage your student to tell a sequential story. Use text, lines, and basic shapes to provide an outline. Or get more creative and add comic book elements to your worksheet from the Whimsy section of graphics.

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Browse our millions of stock photos to create a visually engaging worksheet. To create a similar worksheet to the one above, zoom in on a section of a photo by using Crop layer on the Image Tools menu. Add a secondary puzzle element to your worksheet by scrambling the letters of the animals’ names.

Math worksheets

Go beyond times tables and simple addition/subtraction equations by making visually engaging math worksheets. Here are a few ideas to get your numbers running:

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Customize this template in PicMonkey.

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Customize this worksheet in PicMonkey.

Daily planner, calendar, & schedule templates

Also be sure to check out our collection of schedule and calendar templates to help organize your family's daily tasks, activities, and school subjects. Customize any of these templates with your own words, colors, photos, or graphics.

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