Photo Filters

PicMonkey’s photo filters mix and mingle for an amazingly polished picture.

Make your photos an expression of your own unique style.

Photo filters for you

Our dazzling photo filters put you in control. Not only are they infinitely layerable and mixable, but you can paint them on as thick or thin as you want—and erase from where you don’t want ’em. Our photo filters’ unique flexibility celebrates every skin tone, every mood, and every day.

Tried and True

These popular filters are guaranteed people-pleasers—probably because they work bold photo makeovers in as little as one click.
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Basic Photo Filters

From boosted hues to vignette edges, these click-and-you’re-done photo filters prove you don’t have to get fancy to look great.
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Black and White

Get your silver screen on with PicMonkey’s black and white folder. We’ve got eight distinct, adjustable filters for your perfect monochrome snap.
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Vintage Photo Filters

For a #TBT touch, try this suite of photo filters modeled after iconic camera techniques. Simple sliders fine-tune hue and intensity.
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Blow the lid off your photos’ colors with PicMonkey’s paintbox tools: these filters embolden the hues you have, or open whole new spectrums.
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Light Filters

Find your light, darling! These illuminating effects grant you the power to control lens flare, lighting, and even the might of the sun.
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Want images that grab attention and don’t let go? Pull focus to the star of your photo with area effects, and spotlight using blur, color, and more.
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Designed with free spirits in mind, PicMonkey’s artistic filters are mold-breakers. Dig in and unleash your creative side.
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Uniquely You

Layer filters together for one-of-a-kind pics. Our filters adjust with pinpoint precision, making them a super match for all skin tones.
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Tried and true

The filters that make everybody all, “You made that yourself?!”


Used over 2 million times monthly, we like to think of our one-click Orton as the chocolate of photo effects: excellent with everything. Bring its ethereal glow to your images.
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Cross Process

Cross Process mimics the classic photo technique of intentionally mismatching film processing methods for an off-kilter look. We bring the same carefully careless vibe, minus the time and chemicals.
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