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photo filters vacation sunset

PicMonkey’s photo filters are an easy way to instantly transform your photos into gorgeous works of art, create a consistent visual aesthetic, and win on social media.

photo filters vacation sunset

How to apply a photo filter


Open your pic in the PicMonkey editor.

Choose a look

Select the photo effect or filter you want to use.


Adjust the sliders to personalize your look.


Apply the filter. Your pic is ready for show time!

use photo filters in both picmonkey desktop and picmonkey mobile app

Photo filter and effects set a mood

By using a photo filter, you can completely change the entire look and feel of your pictures. A single filter can add warmth and approachability or strike a cool, detached vibe.

Once you’ve discovered the right look, it’s easy to create a consistent aesthetic by applying the same filter to all of your pics. That way, your followers will instantly recognize your brand.

Try PicMonkey FREE and find the right filter to make your pics uniquely gorgeous.

use photo filters in both picmonkey desktop and picmonkey mobile app

Access 50+ photo filters

With so many amazing photo filters to choose from, as well as tons of effects and textures, you’re sure to find just what you need.

From one-click fixes like Pink Fog to dramatic special effects like Edge Sketch and Pixelate, you can modify your pics as much or as little as you like.

photo effects on woman laughing
photo effects on woman laughing
Color changer tool for photos

Super-powered photo effects like Color Changer

PicMonkey is stacked with amazingly impressive photo effects that transform your images in seconds. Our newest tool is the magical Color Changer Effect—make red shirts blue, orange walls green, yellow hair get the idea!

Color changer tool for photos

Get exactly the look you want

Each of our photo filters can be customized to fit your unique vision. You can adjust the fade, layer filters, and even paint them on (or off!) a specific area.

With dozens of filters and millions of ways to combine them, you can take your designs in all sorts of exciting directions.

woman running into water
woman running into water

Check out our App for Mobile-only filters!

Our mobile filters help you bring an instant wow-factor to all of your post-worthy pics. With mobile-only filters like retro Lightleaks and color-glitch Spectrum, you can get high-end looks made especially for your phone photos. And did we mention they’re free? (They’re free!)

More inspo for your photos

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Filters not on Instagram

You can get these photo filters only at

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Text + photos = <3

Turn your pics into full-fledged designs. Just add words!

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Photo editing tips

New to photo editing? These tips will help get you going.

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