The Selfie Out Loud: Photo as Proclamation

The Selfie Out Loud: Photo as Proclamation
February 22, 2015 PicMonkey

Photo from the Oscars_the most epic selfie

At last year’s Oscars, the most epic selfie was the snap heard around the world. We watched a group of the most exposed, froofed, and handled people in the world step outside the bounds of their highly orchestrated lives to pose in front of a small plastic phone. They shifted and giggled; they smiled too wide; they photo-bombed, and we were hella charmed. This cultural moment signaled a new era of photography, in which the selfie is an arena for exploration and boundary crossing.

And it’s high time to see the positivity in that.

Make your selfie like the Oscars

At, in our social channels, and on PicMonkey’s share pages, we see people embracing photographic manipulation as a means of taking control of their own image, of their own selves, and not a tool for vanity and narcissism.

We took a look at server data to let the numbers show the real deal: how are people editing their photos before they share them? Here’s what we found.


People choose effects to lift themselves out of the ordinary

PicMonkey’s most-used effects are the ones that give a cinematic boost; a way to put yourself in better place, a more dramatic context. Stack ranking our most popular filters for 2014 reveals:

  • #1 is Cross Process at 82,411,000 edits
  • #2 is Orton at 73,853,000 edits
  • #3 is Dusk at 59,987,000 edits
  • #4 is Tranquil at 57,932,000 edits

selfie Oscars photo peace sign

People aren’t touchy about touch up

People are adapting their snapshots in order to present what they see as their true selves. Right behind cinematic effects, the greatest numbers stack up around touch up. And the top contenders aren’t bashful:

  • #1 is Wrinkle Remover at 45,015,000 edits
  • #2 is Blush Boost at 41,372,000 edits
  • #3 is Blemish Fix at 35,517,000 edits
  • #4 is Weight Loss at 28,973,000 edits
  • #5 is Teeth Whiten at 24,346,000 edits

Proclaim yourself

What folks used to see as self-promotion (or even self-obsession), is now considered just another form of self-expression. So, go ahead. Take a bazillion pictures just to get the best one. Make it how you want. Make it you. Your pic is just clay, waiting to be shaped into who you wanna be.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

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