Now Serving: All the Fonts in the Galaxy

Now Serving: All the Fonts in the Galaxy

You can easily access all of your favorite (installed) fonts from PicMonkey! This is great for social media mavens, bloggers, and small business owners whose brands need specific fonts on all images and communications, and it’s great for designers and photo enthusiasts whose creativity demands the font faucet on full blast.

Here is a quick lay of the land:

PicMonkey fonts and your own fonts live in separate tabs

When you open the Text tool you will see Ours and Yours tabs under the Add Text button. By deafult, the Ours tab shows the PicMonkey font list you’re familiar with.

Here’s the magic: click the Yours tab and a list of all the fonts (all. the. fonts!) housed on your computer magically appears for use within PicMonkey. You will never suffer from font withdrawal again.

How to get custom fonts in PicMonkey: select the "Yours" tab in out font tool.

The new “Recent” group shows the fonts you used last

The Recent group shows up at the top of the PicMonkey font list (Ours) and your own font list (Yours). It’s a handy place to find the last 10 fonts you used in each list. If you’d rather see all the fonts all the time, just click the tiny caret on the right side of the button, and the Recent group will collapse.

Language fonts are hidden to keep things neat


How to get custom fonts in PicMonkey: dialog showing "Hide language fonts" selected.

PicMonkey automatically filters out over 100 fonts for languages that use non-Roman alphabets so they don’t clutter up your fonts list. But if your computer is set up to use those languages and alphabets, and you want them, go ahead and uncheck the Hide language fonts button at the bottom of your fonts list.

To see all this in action, check out our video on PicMonkey’s YouTube channel. And if you’re gunning to get going on personalizing your next photo project with custom fonts, but could use some basic tips on using PicMonkey’s text tool, feast your eyes on this video tutorial: Flex the Text!


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