Face Editor for Photos

Transformo-magic: these touch up effects are face editors, hair editors, and general life editors.

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Retouching tools

Amaze your friends and astonish your exes with a little bit of PicMonkey face editing.

Touch up your face. Seeing is believing.

Here they are: the miracle-workers, the how-did-they-do-thats of PicMonkey that’ll blow your mind, explode your eyeballs, and photo edit your face like whoa. See for yourself—there’s plenty up our sleeves. Try our wrinkle remover, blemish remover, teeth whitener, and more.
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Nip Tuck & Contour

With three intuitive mini-tools—Melt, Reduce, and Fill—our Nip Tuck tool makes it easy to adjust contours for subtle or dramatic changes.

Get contouring >

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss is like a friendly mirror that gives you a subtly leaner shape. And you can reverse it if want to add a fuller dimension, too.

Lose or gain, you’re still winning >

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Beards & Mustaches

This tool wows with natural-looking hair. It’s got five presets for common beard colors, plus an eyedropper for picking custom shades. Edit your face to the next level with a beard.

Can you handlebar it? >

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Highlights lets you streak hair with color (okay, duh), intensify all-over shade (neat), and style wildly without debt or regret (um, YES)!

You’d look cool with purple bangs >

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Pick a source area with Clone, then brush that source over another part of your image. It’s your spellbook for mistake-erasing sorcery.

Make something disappear >

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Face Touch up

Why let others define what’s beautiful? And who says beauty’s the goal anyway? Our touch up tools work whatever wonders tickle your fancy.

Go wild >

Nip Tuck

Slim, trim, buff, or stuff. It’s your face and your photos—edit them the way you wanna. PicMonkey’s Nip Tuck is basically a carnival of tools made for sculpting miracles or monstrosities. Whatever you’re into. 


A little to the left … hmmno, maybe down. Use Melt to subtly shift pixels around.

I’m melting!!! >


Get sleeker with Reduce: this smart tool gives a naturalistic “sucked-in” look to targeted areas.

Trim it good >


Plump up with Fill: get superhero muscles, big ol’ bug eyes—the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Fill in the blank >