12 Days of PicMonkey: Holiday Photo Challenge

12 Days of PicMonkey: Holiday Photo Challenge
December 4, 2013 PicMonkey

And that’s a wrap. Thanks to all our merry friends for participating in our holiday photo challenge, 12 Days of PicMonkey! Twelve whole days of your photo magic. Everyone put forth photos that were touching, hilarious, and just plain pretty.

Here is a sampling of the photos from our overall winner, Christy Krampert. Christy is walking away with a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.

Holiday photo challenge winner: Christy Krampert.
Now take a scroll through the rest of our daily winners.

Day 1. Tasty Treats. Christy Krampert. 

Homemade chocolate mint oreo cookies for our holiday photo challenge.

Day 2. Anticipation. Doug Cook.

Side profile of a green-eyed girl with bokeh effect.

Day 3. Deck the Halls. Chloe C.

Christmas tree hung with bird, horse, and globe ornaments for our holiday photo contest.

Day 4. Gifts That Keep Giving. Maria Dehne.

Stack of books with text graphic reading "Tales as old as time" for the Gift That Keeps Giving category.

Day 5. City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks. Claire Jones.

City sidewalks in winter for our holiday photo contest.

Day 6. Cup of Good Cheer. Maria Ibbitson.

A festive cocktail with Merry Christmas graphic and bokeh for our holiday photo contest.

Day 7. Nestled. Courtney Denning.

Medium closeup of cat nestled in blankets, plus bokeh effect.

Day 8. Jolly Happy Soul. Rhonda Callow.

A person in glasses and a Santa hat, with a dog's upturned snout in front of their mouth and nose.

Day 9. Do You Hear What I Hear. Maria Dehne.

Silver bells laid out on a table, captioned "bells will be ringing."

Day 10. Where the Treetops Glisten. Vanja Montano.

Christmas tree made entirely of red, silver, and gold ornaments, shot from below.

Day 11. Shimmering Lights. Chloe C.

Star, Chrismas tree branches, red cardinal ornament, and moon, for our holiday photo contest.

Day 12. Winter Wonderland. Rhonda Callow.

Amber sun over mountains, water, and beach, for our holiday photo contest.

Original announcement of 12 Days of PicMonkey

12 Days of PicMonkey daily contest themes with dates for each.

Four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear treeeeee! Are you singing that song in your sleep yet? So are we, cuz we’ve got our own twelve days, and we’re giving away stuff that’s way better than birds and drummers!

Announcing The 12 Days of PicMonkey: twelve days of photo challenges and insane giveaways. Each day we’ll have a theme; you interpret this theme with your beautiful PicMonkey creations and share them with us, by using the hashtag #PicMonkey12. We’ll be looking for your holiday photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Muzy, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, and Google+.

We’ll select a winner the day after each challenge. In addition to a prize every day, we’re going to select one final overall winner for a grand prize that is wow-wow good! So keep your photos coming to increase your chances. The overall winner will be announced December 23rd. The challenge starts December 9th; start planning and editing your shots now (or scouring your old photos for the perfect matches).

The skinny:

  • All photos must be edited in PicMonkey

  • Each photo is your own interpretation of the day’s theme.

  • The photo contest starts on 12/9

  • The contest ends on 12/20

  • Submit as many photographs as your heart desires so long as they match the theme of the day

  • Tag all photos #PicMonkey12 so we can find all submissions.

  • Have fun, be creative, and don’t be shy!


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