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Fun-loving photo editor seeks untapped genius for pics, long walks, getting caught in the rain. Apply filters, overlays and more for all that photo drama.

It’s the online photo editor you’d take home to meet your parents.

Give your photos some luuuuv

Photo editing isn’t just for special occasions: from the everyday to the extraordinary, you deserve a little oomph in your images. And PicMonkey’s cool tools have oomph to spare. Edit your photo with all the tools, not just boring filters. Add effects and up the awesome.

Photo filters & effects

Great pics are made, not born. But why should greatness be hard? Get I-spent-hours-on-this polish in a few clicks with our photo filters.
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Add text to images

Find the perfect look for your perfect font. Our text tool offers fine-grained controls, plus superpowers like adjustable drop shadow.
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Awesome overlays

Our overlays are the building blocks of grade-A images: they shrink and enlarge infinitely, with endless style and color options.
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These ain’t your dad’s picture frames (except for Daguerreotype): add drop shadows, artsy smudges, and shape cutouts around the edge of your image.
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Bring dimension to your photos in as little as one click. Our textures span across images, adding visual depth and stunning transformation.
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When holidays, birthdays, and school projects come knockin’, PicMonkey’s themes will pull your look together.
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Fun fun for everyone

Whether you’re a picture-creating novice or your skills measure over 9000, PicMonkey’s got tools for you.

Basic (not boring) editing tools

As any TV sports coach will tell you, the key to victory is fundamentals, team—and our image editing fundamentals can’t be beat. So get out there and win this half!

High-end photo editing made easy

Get all the benefits of fancy-schmancy-advancey photo filters, but skip the learning curve. PicMonkey puts advanced techniques in your wheelhouse.

Mac OS X, Windows, Linux