Photo Textures

Sometimes a plain background is just the ticket. Adding a photo texture, though, can often be what pushes your design from “Nice” to “Holy cow!”

You can also place a texture onto a photo for a different feel — create additional granularity and depth for an artistic look.

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With PicMonkey’s easy-to-use tools, you can create unique vibes for social, branding, and life.

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Ways to use photo textures

Dress up your photos

Add a texture as a layer over a photo, and you can totally change its look. Make it scratched and old, Instamatic film-y, or like a watercolor painting. Plus so much more.

Get the grungy filmwarp look

Elevate your designs with textures

You can also apply textures to specific parts of images, or make your texture peek through or fill text and graphics.

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How to add texture to a photo

  1. Start – Open a photo in Picmonkey.

  2. Navigate – Head to the Textures tab.

  3. Enhance – Click a texture you like to place it over your photo.

  4. Customize – Adjust position, size, saturation, and fade.

  5. Apply – Boom! Your photo has a whole new feel.

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