Textured Backgrounds & Photo Textures

PicMonkey’s breathtaking background textures and photo textures add new dimension to your photos.

Treat your pics to a texture

Textures are stunning photos that span across images like a canvas, turning them into works of art. From clouds to concrete, there are dozens of options to complement your favorite images. Apply a texture background to give your photo dimension.

Starry sky textured background

Textures redefine images: They time-travel, they put stardust to snapshots, and they turn regular photos into nothing you’ve seen before.
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Your images. Your genius.

Any image can become a texture when you add it with the “Your own” button. You get more control, more creativity, and more ways to create wild inventions.
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Move it, flip it, blend it, scrap it

You can fade, flip, adjust, and erase any texture, whether it’s ours or yours. We pull out all the stops for customization: it’s just how we roll.
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Double exposure

This stunning technique uses the texture feature to superimpose one picture on top of another for jaw-droppingly fantastical images. Seriously, double exposure is so cool and magical we wanna make up a new word for it. Magicool. Sorcer-awesome. Wizardwow?

Here's how:

  1. Open a photo in the Editor and go to the Textures tab.
  2. Select your favorite texture and set its Blend Mode to Screen.
  3. Use the Fade slider and Paint palette to selectively fade and remove parts of your texture until you have a double-exposed masterpiece.
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