Photo Editing Tools

Time to get back to basics: chip away distractions and reveal your photo’s glorious potential.

Our easy tools make you the Michelangelo of photo editing. Pretty much.

Get simply perfect photos with our editing tools

So you took this photo, right, and now you’re wondering, “Is that it?” Friend, you don’t have to settle. Whether it’s your magnum opus or a quick snapshot, PicMonkey’s editing tools help make every image look its best.


Put a fresh spin on your pics with our crop tool. Eliminate the unnecessary and watch your perfect photo emerge from the clay.
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When a photo turns out murky (or step-into-the-light blown out), Exposure has the fix. Four simple sliders resolve specific exposure issues.
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Our color tools reclaim pearly-white shades from eggy glumness, style snaps with chic desaturation, and even autocorrect color troubles.
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Clarity doesn’t just come after a rough breakup: PicMonkey’s sharpening tools provide a painless alternative for your photos.
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Got a photo that looked fine on your camera, but is inexplicably upside-down when you look at it on screen? Rotate’s here to help.
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Spare yourself headaches and unnecessary math with PicMonkey’s resizing tools—we support common social media, web, and print sizes.
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Crop a photo

A quick trim can do wonders for your photo, so crop yours in three easy steps:

  1. Open an image in PicMonkey and click Crop in the Basic Edits tab.
  2. A box appears over your image. Drag the corner handles to your desired shape and size.
  3. Click Apply. Dahling, you look fabulous!