Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Hey smarties, we see you at the front of class, raising your hands for ways to take your pics from 101 to summa cum laude.

For Jedi masters, pixel perfectionists, and you.

Take off the Training Wheels

For the image-maker who knows what they want, our advanced editing tools provide the fine control you need to work wonders. Dive in and become PicMonkey valedictorian in no time.


Add Clone to your arsenal and gain the power to rearrange reality, replacing part of your image with pixels from anywhere else in the shot.
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Plot multiple points of highlight, shadow, and brightness in Curves to fine tune exposure, alter color balance, and more.
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Track and adjust tones in Levels. It offers fine control over an image’s tonal values, minus Curves’ sitting-at-the-NASA-switchboard feel.
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Wanna brighten light tones without washing out darks? Get the heck into Dodge! This tool targets specified tones and lightens selectively.
Dodge and weave >


Since there’s no yin without a yang, our Burn tool is Dodge in reverse: it darkens select areas, targeting one tonal range at a time.
Burn it down >

On your level

Fly free, my pretties: our advanced photo editing tools meet you where you are, so you can take your pics to the moon and back.
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Tonal mastery is within your graph


Unlock the mysteries of Curves, and take full control of your image. Our tutorial shows you how.
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Levels: it’s like Curves for the slightly-less-hardcore. Whet your tone-altering appetite with this friendly tool.
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