Create a pic collage for awesomer projects

Create Instagram collages, invitations, cards, thank you notes, and everything in between.

Don’t be a single-celled organism. Evolve your DIY projects with Collage.

Not just for scrapbooking

Take advantage of PicMonkey’s collage templates, flexible layouts, and easy interface to get your projects looking poi-fect. Like card-making, birthday-wishing, hashtagging, Pin-spinning perfect.

Instagram collages

Up your Instagram game with photo collages that draw on the full power of PicMonkey, including unlimited text and filters.
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Pic collage birthday cards

Party trick: wow your loved ones with birthday cards designed in Collage. While they’re going “oooh, aaah,” nab the biggest slice of cake.
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DIY wedding invitations

Create personalized wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-you cards with our luxe swatches, fonts, and graphics. You’ll be king of the wedding stationary.
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Holiday collages

From Christmas cards and gift tags to Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) place cards, Collage serves up all your seasonal needs.
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DIY Valentine's Day cards

The best Valentines come straight from the heart. Say what’s on your mind, and back it up with lovey-dovey pic collages.
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Pinterest photo collages

Don’t keep your secret (recipe)s to yourself: Collage’s Pinterest-friendly presets are a simple, attractive way to make eye-catching Pins.
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Collage templates make life easier

Not sure where to start your DIY project? Take a gander at some of our most can’t-live-without-able collage templates and see what inspires you.

Square Deal

If we elected a Homecoming Monarch of Collage, it’d have to be the uber-popular Square Deal. This collage titan can take you anywhere from four squares to 25, so start rounding up those photo ops.
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Ducks in a Row

We’d like to put in a good word for that undersung hero, the two-cell collage. “Two cells? Boring!” Not so, friends: a simple two-cell collage made with Ducks in a Row is perfect for crafting cards, invitations, before-and-after shots of your haircut, and so much more.
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