Using Collage to Boost Your Photography Biz

People are absolutely inundated with content in today’s media rich world. Inboxes, social media feeds, web browsers, all smacking us in the face with content each day. It’s impossible to choke down everything served. So how do you, rockstar photographer, tickle the fancy of prospective clients?

Give them a perfect amuse-bouche so they’ll have an appetite for what you’re offering. You’ve got one chance to pique their interest. You need to find a way for your content to communicate its message in a way that is visually stimulating. Collages are your friend, my friend.

“Our images are candy that draw people in,” Ashley DuChene from the PhotoSpark Show said. It’s so true! We can’t resist a juicy photo. So let’s explore some ways we can put photo collages to good use.

Great content, easy-peasy

Your goal is probably to get eyeballs on your photography business. If this is the case, then you need to make it easy to engage with. Collage is an excellent way to quickly create content that advertises ongoing promotions, highlights unique locations, and shows your style. But remember this: I skim, you skim, we all skim—admit it. So keep the copy brief and give your audience pictures to salivate over. You can quickly create a beautiful photo collage with PicMonkey’s collage tool, then add text, your logo, and other goodness in the Editor.

Target social media

Social media is where it’s at, right? With so many platforms for your business to play on, the opportunities are endless. Let’s focus on a few sites where collages really shine. In order for a collage to succeed, you’ll have to smoosh all of your awesome branding and content into one spectacular graphic.

Get pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is built for collage-style content. Fit your images together to make a pretty little puzzle that every viewer will want to pin (the long pins are extra cool.) The awesome thing about Pinterest is that not only does it draw viewers from the platform to your blog or site, but it also helps your organic search site rankings. Score! Pinterest increases your audience and inspires viral goodness.

Engage on Facebook

Let’s Facebook it, cover images aren’t easy. What an awkward dimension for anything that comes out of our cameras. Collages are a perfect way to create something that will fit that space like a glove, and quickly give visitors an idea of what your business is about.

Collage is also a great way to get your clients to share your work on their Facebook pages. Create custom cover photos for clients, which will get a lot of attention from their friends. If you do it right, your collage cover photo will be up as a personal endorsement for a long time, which is great because ideal clients are often friends with ideal clients.

Other ideas to improve your collages

Here are a few more ideas to help you create great-looking collages that attract eyeballs and get clicks.

Text in collage

Facebook allows text on cover images—yup, no 20 percent rule like they have for advertisements. The main rule is to keep it classy. A cool logo and a quick URL make it simple for those fans to find you, especially if your clients drop your contact info in the description when sharing.

Communicate style

While marketing is important to any business, creating a cohesive brand is equally important. Let collages rock your style. Creating a cohesive set of images that fit your style and your brand is a humongo part of establishing your identity as a photographer. This is how you set yourself apart as a creative, and collages allow you to easily communicate your unique flavor. Whether your style is crisp and clean, or artsy and whimsical, it’s hard to communicate that with only one image.

Tell your story

As photographers, we often take on the role of storytellers. We document important events in our clients’ lives, taking care to include the little details that will evoke some nostalgia as they look back on what we have captured. A collage allows you to highlight your attention to detail by showing your story of images together as a folder.

Sneak peeks

“I only present my sneak peeks now with collages,” said Christianne Keila Dowd. Her sneak peeks set her apart and give her an edge, and her tips make click-tastic sense:

  • Albums with collages have fewer photos, so they are easier to go through and load faster

  • With collage, pictures from the same session are seen together

  • You only need to tag clients in one image when you create a collage, which is better for sharing

  • If someone is going to see just one image, she’d rather have them see five in one

Sell more

Melanie Monroe likes using collages to illustrate her clients’ unique character. “When viewed together, you see how unique each expression is and get a feel of the subject’s personality,” she said. Lightbulb moment! This is a great way to sell a series of photos to parents. Instead of selling one or two, you’ve just upped the bar. They’ll want the whole set, of course.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

Erika Thornes is a San Diego photographer who captures life as it unfolds, especially near the water, above or below. She has been recognized as a leader in silhouette photography, teaching others how to convey emotion and a story through their images.