#MaskMeSomething Contest: Show Us Your Masking Mastery

#MaskMeSomething Contest: Show Us Your Masking Mastery
October 29, 2018 Andrew Zangre

Impress us (and more importantly, your followers) with a creative use of PicMonkey's masking tools.

This year our favorite, freak-flag-wavin’ holiday coincides with the kinda big deal release of New PicMonkey. So we’re calling all Monkeys for a fitting contest. DM your favorite ghoulies and tell ‘em to #MaskMeSomething, for a chance to win some holiday spending money.

We’re not asking for superimposed goblin masks on your family’s faces (although we won’t stop you from sending those, too). In designspeak, “masking” is a process of marrying photos with shapes or text for a slick, seductive effect. It’s a painless process in New PicMonkey—dare we say, scarily simple. Watch it in action and learn to do it yourself here, then let your inner mad scientist out to play. *cue lightning strike, cue maniacal laughter*

Create a mask by adding an image as a texture on a shape.

Quick steps for masking in New PicMonkey

1. Click Create on the PicMonkey.com homepage to open a blank canvas or photo.

2. Add a graphic (or text) that’s chunky enough for an image to peek through.

3. In the Layers palette select the layer (or layers) with the desired elements.

4. In the Textures tab, click a texture (or add your own) to make it appear inside the shape.

Use textures, images, or graphics as masks.

Mask away, friends. You can even mask while wearing a mask—whatever floats your broomstick. We can’t wait to see your ideas. We’re sure you’ll do stuff with PicMonkey masking that we couldn’t have dreamed of ourselves. Whoever pulls off the best tricks wins the treats.

Impress us (and more importantly, your followers) with a creative use of PicMonkey's masking tools.

Contest deets:

  • Contest runs from Monday, October 29th and closes on Friday, November 23rd.
  • Pics must be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (make sure you follow us first!).
  • To enter on Facebook, make sure your posts are public.
  • Tag your photo with the hashtag #MaskMeSomething and @picmonkey.
  • One winner will be chosen weekly, and will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a PicMonkey swag basket.
  • Participants can enter as many times as they want – there’s no limit.
  • All photos must be rated PG.
  • Have fun and happy posting!
Andrew Zangre

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